The Science of Sailing

Lesson 1: Introduction: What is a Sailboat?

Lesson 2: Parts of the Boat

Lesson 3: Parts of the Sail

Lesson 4: History of the Sailboat

Lesson 5: Historical Designs

Lesson 6: Modern Designs

Lesson 7: Hulls

Lesson 8: Sails

Lesson 9: Fluid Dynamics

Lesson 10: Buoyancy

Lesson 11: Displacement

Lesson 12: Forces on the Boat

Lesson 13: Center of Gravity

Lesson 14: Center of Buoyancy

Lesson 15: Initial Stability and Ultimate Stability

Lesson 16: Rough Draft and Peer Revisions

Lesson 17: How Location can Affect Sailing

Lesson 18: Construction Materials

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