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About the National Sailing Hall of Fame

Governance & Board of Directors

We are Sailors

We believe in the road less traveled, even if it isn’t a road at all.

We believe getting there isn’t half the fun; it’s all the fun.
We believe we could get where we’re going faster, but we wouldn’t be better when we got there.
We believe anything worth doing well isn’t for everyone.
We believe being different makes all the difference.
Pushing the limit is the norm, not the exception. 
And speaking another language brings us together – and yet sets us apart.
We believe that confidence is the true measure of wealth.
We believe the sea is fickle soul who will earn your respect.
We believe the stars in the night sky are there for a reason.
We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land.
We believe people who don’t sail are missing something. 
We believe we can change that.
We are sailors.  Join us.

Governance & Board of Directors

Board of Directors   

Gustav "Gus" Carlson - President
Bedford, NY
  Tom Whidden - Vice President
Milford, CT
Douglas L. Lashley – Secretary
Severna Park, MD
  Philip A. Lotz - Treasurer
Newport, RI / Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Scott Allan
Annapolis, MD
  Arthur A. "Lex" Birney
Washington, D.C.
Bruce J. Burton
Detroit, MI
    William Campbell
San Diego, CA
Dayton T. Carr
New York, NY / Newport, RI
  Francis "Posie" Constable
New York, NY / Nantucket, MA
C. Richard D’Amato
Annapolis, MD
  Tarasa Davis
Atlanta, GA, Big Sur, CA
David K. Elwell, Jr.
Newport, RI / Vero Beach, FL
  Dick Franyo
Annapolis, MD
David G. Houck
Annapolis, MD
  Reza Jafari
Annapolis, MD
Gary Jobson
Annapolis, MD
  Patrice "Trice" Kilroy
Jamestown, RI
Russell J. Lucas
Red Bank, NJ
  Byron F. Marchant
Annapolis, MD
James P. Muldoon
Washington, D.C.
  Ewell C. Potts, III
New Orleans, LA
Christopher L. Otorowski
Seattle, WA
  Andrew S. Rose
Newport Beach, CA
J. Taran Teague
Annapolis, MD
  W. Crayton Walters III
Charleston, SC
Ex Officio:    
Cory Sertl
President, US Sailing

Board Emeritus

  * Deceased
Gregory H. Barnhill *    
John S. Beale    
Mason R. Chrisman    
Steve Colgate    
George R. Hinman, Jr.    
Thomas P. Hubbell    
Sydney Johnson    
Bruce Munro    
H.P. (Sandy) Purdon    
William Torgerson    

Youth Advisory Board  

Sally Barkow
Nashotah, WI
  Rome Kirby
Newport, RI
Allen H. Breed
Boston, MA
  Alice Manard Leonard
East Haven, CT
Andrew Campbell
San Diego, CA
  Duncan Megroz
San Francisco, CA
Nathaniel Clapp
Chicago, IL
  Molly O'Bryan Vandemoer
Stanford, CA
Debbie Capozzi
Bayport, NY
  Matthew H. Parker
Providence, RI
Amanda Clark
Shelter Island, NY
  Paige Railey
Clearwater, FL
Chrissy Coolidge - Chair
Menlo Park, CA
  Zach Railey
Clearwater, FL
Blythe Daly
New York, NY
  Stephanie Roble
East Troy, WI
Hilary Burt Davidson
New York, NY
  Antoine Savage
New York, NY
Alton J. Evans
Red Bank, NJ
  John Stakes
New York, NY
Charlotte Ferguson
San Francisco, CA
  Erik Storck
Huntington, NY
Liz Hall Gaston
Apex, NC
  Emily Taylor
Nantucket, MA
Farrah Hall
Annapolis, MD
  Genny Tulloch
Sausalito, CA
Kurt Kalberer
Newport, RI
  Anna Tunnicliffe
Plantation, FL
Cindy Keppel
San Francisco, CA
  RJ Wolney
Chicago, IL
Louisa Chafee
Warwick, RI

Honorary Advisory Board

Betsy Alison   US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics
Harry Anderson   Sailor
Ed Baird   Sailor
Janet Baxter   US Sailing
Bill Buchan   Sailor
John Burnham   YachtWorld.com
Malin Burnham   Sailor
Frank Butler   Catalina Yachts
Paul Cayard   Paul Cayard Sailing
Stephen Colbert   The Late Show
Steve Colgate   Offshore Sailing
Dave Curtis   Sailor
Mason Chrisman   Sailor
Dennis Conner   Dennis Conner Sailing
Bruce Farr   Farr Yacht Design
J.J. Fetter   Sailor
Paul Foerster   Sailor
Gilbert M. Grosvenor   National Geographic Society
Olaf Harken   Harken, Inc.
Peter Harken   Harken, Inc.
Sally Helme   The Sailing Company
Halsey C. Herreshoff   Herreshoff Marine Museum
Stan Honey   Sportvision
Terry Hutchinson   Sailor
Bob Johnstone   Sailor
Rod Johnstone   Sailor
Bruce Kirby   Bruce Kirby Marine
William I. Koch   Oxbow Corporation
John Kostecki   Sailor
Timmy Larr   Sailor
Geoff Mason   ESPN
Buddy Melges   Melges Performance Sailboats
Lowell North   North Sails
Bill Pinkney   Author
Ken Read   Sailor
Mark Reynolds   Sailor
Dawn Riley   Oakcliff Sailing Center
John Rousmaniere   Author
Frank Savage   Savage Holdings, LLC
Ted Turner   Turner Enterprises, Inc.
Dave Ullman   Ullman Sails


Office and Operations


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Office Manager  
Dan Walker

Sam Healy

  Gowrie Group Yacht Club Stories Project Coordinator  


Maria Museler

  Tom Morris Library


Public Support and Affiliations

Public Support

  • The State of Maryland has provided the National Sailing Hall of Fame with 6,000 square-foot waterfront property and 300 feet of newly renovated dock space. The City of Annapolis has provided the riparian rights for 230 feet of newly renovated dock space, 5,000 square-feet of outdoor exhibition space, and $250,000.




  • NSHOF is a partner with the United States Naval Academy.

  • NSHOF is partnered with The Gowrie Group to preserve America’s sailing legacy by gathering the stories that yacht clubs and sailing organizations have to tell, and presenting them to the public in digital and print formats for future generations to enjoy. Visit our Sailing Stories page to learn more.








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