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2016 End of Year Update

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End of Year Update 2016

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  • Public nominations are open year round with a March 30 cutoff.
  • 80 nominations were made.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award and Class of 2016 chosen.
  • 2016 Induction held at St. Francis Yacht Club on October 29 & 30.
  • Event live streamed with 2,743 viewers.
  • 2017 Induction to be held at New York Yacht Club, Harbour Court on September 23 & 24.
  • 2018 Induction to be held at Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club.


  • Navigation and Science of Sailing curricula have been posted for free use by educators across the country.
  • STEM Summer Bridge academic program was held for 60 students.
  • 120 9th & 10th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) students participated in seven-week NSHOF Project Based Learning (PBL) Module sessions.
  • 117 9th & 10th grade AACPS STEM students participated in field trips to the NSHOF including a tour of United States Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory and Crown Sailing Center.
  • Discussions and plans are underway to institute the STEM Sailing Program in schools in Charleston, Newport, Norfolk, Los Angeles and Erie, Pennsylvania.
  • 106 organizations are part of the STEM Sailing National Consortium. A bi-monthly newsletter of best practices and resources is distributed.
  • Fourth Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 7-12, held at Annapolis High School. Co-sponsored by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation.


Free public display at the Sailing Center of boats including among others:

  • Adonia, Trumpy 76
  • Adventurer, Cherubini 56
  • Adventurer, Alden 42
  • America, Sloop 101
  • Annaliese, Beneteau 40
  • Aqua Vite, Beneteau 40
  • Arathusa, Gunboat 60
  • Azzura, Cutter-Rigged Sloop 95
  • Berwyn, Ralf Wiley 38
  • Blue Moon, Hylas 44,
  • Bufflehead, Log Canoe 32
  • Bull and Bear, Replica Sandbaggers
  • Celebrate, Taswell 58
  • Conflict, Star 22.5
  • Curlew, Valiant Esprit 37
  • Elf, Lawley 30
  • Exotic Material, Albacore
  • Fantasea, CSY 44
  • Hope, Star 22.5
  • Honalee, Herreshoff 29.5
  • Jolly Dolphin, Workboat 63
  • Joyce Elaine, Chapell 38
  • Lacerta, Abeking & Rasmussen 40
  • Lena,Lund 25
  • Lynx, Replica Privateer 78
  • Maryland Dove, Replica Trading Ship
  • Mouette, Ray Hunt 30
  • Morgan, Acorn 10
  • Mystic Wind, Cat 20
  • Mytrea, Choy Lee 38
  • Nightshade, Herreshoff 36
  • Pride of Baltimore II
  • Sails Call, Beneteau 47
  • Sashay, Star 22.5
  • Sigi, Faering 20
  • Sigsbee, Skipjack75
  • Sorcerer II, Cookson 95
  • Spellbound, Cutts and Case 47
  • Spirit of Bermuda, Sloop 112
  • Sultana, Replica Topsail Schooner 97
  • Trout, Star 22.5
  • Vignette, Dickerson 41
  • Vignette, Custom Cutter 39
  • Winsome, Nielson Gumdrop 36
  • Witchcraft, Lawley 59

Bull & Bear Sailing

  • Bull and Bear have hosted 280 people for sailing, most of whom have never sailed before.
  • Magothy River vs. Severn River Challenge was held.

Recovering Warrior Sailing Squadron

  • Recovering Warrior Sailing Squadron Annapolis Spring Regatta, co-sponsored with United States Naval Academy, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Connected Warrior Foundation, and Warrior Events, was held on April 30.
  • Bay Head Spring Regatta, co-sponsored with Bay Head Yacht Club and Semper Fi Fund was held on June 11.
  • Annapolis Fall Regatta, co-sponsored with United States Naval Academy, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Connected Warrior Foundation and Warrior Events, was held on August 27.

Outreach Program to African American Community

  • Six sails through the summer were held with members of the community.

Classic Wooden Sailboat Rendezvous & Race

United States Sailboat Show

  • In cooperation with the United States Sailboat Show, American Sailing Association and Beneteau USA, 220 people participated in a First Sail Workshop.

Christmas Lights Parade

  • In cooperation with the Eastport Yacht Club, hosted boats for the Annual Holiday Lights Parade.

Tom Morris Library

  • Reading room open to the public.
  • There are now 3,000 items in the collection.

Navigation Seminar

  • Hosted celestial navigation seminar.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Partnership with Sailors for the Sea. Clean Regatta certified.
  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, distribution of information regarding Saving the Bay has been set up at the NSHOF Sailing Center.


Sailing Resources Locator

Film Library

  • A growing online collection of over 100 sailing films and videos between two minutes and two hours, many of which are unavailable anywhere else. More videos in queue to go online soon. Videos were watched over 17,500 times for a total of close to 1,200 hours watched.


Gowrie Group Yacht Club and Adams Cup Stories Project

Tom Morris Library and Book Reviews


  • STEM Sailing: Learning Math & Science through Sailing programs and reports.
  • Learning Math & Science through Sailing National Consortium network and newsletters.
  • Learning Math & Science through Sailing STEM 9th and 10th grade curricular template in use by schools around the country.

American Women in Sailing Story Project

Sailing for Gold: Letters from Rio

Online Contributions and Sales

  • Founding Members.
  • Annual Giving.
  • Morris Library Campaign.



  • YouTube Channel - SailingHallofFame - features 105 videos with over 8,926 views, 28% increase over last year.


  • Facebook page - active “like” participation by over 3,754 fans, a 13% increase.


  • @sailinghall - has over 437 followers, a 10% increase, with over 755 tweets.


  • @sailinghall - has over 437 followers, a 10% increase, with over 755 tweets.


  • Union League Club Yacht Squadron Rendezvous.
  • Chesapeake Bay Bermuda 40 Rendezvous.
  • Eastport Yacht Club Annapolis to Bermuda Race support boats.
  • Eastport Yacht Club Annapolis Lights Parade.
  • Annapolis Yacht Club Memorial Day.
  • Annapolis Yacht Club Frostbite.


  • Merrill Foundation grant of $250,000 for planning and design of new facility.
  • State of Maryland grant of $1,000,000 for new facility.


  • 900 copies of the book Kialoa US 1: Dare to Win by Hall of Famer Jim Kilroy have been distributed to junior sailing programs across the country for instructional and fundraising purposes.
  • Citizens Advisory Committee meets four times.
  • Bull & Bear sailing in Baltimore during the Fall season.


  • STEM Sailing; 16 skippers/crews, 15 boats
1,630 hours
  • Bull & Bear Free Sailing; 53 for skippers/crews/rigging & down-rigging
1,370 hours
  • Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race; 14 for organization  & RC
177 hours
  • Wounded Warrior Regatta; 42 for organization, skippers, crew & RC
220 hours
  • Sailboat Show; 35 - organization & manning display Induction; 6 for organization, production & fundraising
100 hours
  • Induction; 6 for organization, production & fundraising
58 hours
  • Tom Morris Library; 1 - librarian
100 hours
  • Office Support; 1 - administrative assistant
150 hours
  • Web & Social Media; 1 - administrator
104 hours
  • Legal Services; 1 - attorney
226 hours
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