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STEM Sailing

NSHOF STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) at Anne Arundel County Public Schools

NSHOF's STEM Sailing™ Navigation Lessons Online

NSHOF's "The Science of Sailing" Lessons Online

The Science Behind the 34th America's Cup

The Science Behind the 34th America's Cup

(Video Series)


NSHOF National Consortium on Teaching
Math and Science Through Sailing

Video - 50 Years of FAST

50 Years of FAST: North Sails 1957 - 2007

Video on technology advances in sail design over time.


REACH - US Sailing's STEM Education Program

Time and Navigation - Smithsonian

Time and Navigation -
Exhibit at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Hudson River Community Sailing

Hudson River Community Sailing

Young Mariners Foundation

Young Mariners Foundation

Pride II Education

Pride of Baltimore II's STEM-H Program

PBS+Calif. Science Center

California Science Center & PBS Kids team up
to explain the science behind speed: Catamaran vs. Sloop


El Toro Street Sailboat

Watch how the Youth Sailing Initiative of converted an El Toro (a child's sailing dinghy)
into a "Street Boat" to take the boat to schools

(YouTube Video)

Non-STEM Resources

The Story of Mary Patten

Read the Amazing Story of Mary Patten - A Heroine Sailor from 1857

From our American Women in Sailing
Stories Project

Learn about Music & the War of 1812

Learn About the Music that Started the War of 1812

From our American Sailing Music Collection
"Music of the War of 1812"


Hop Aboard Pride of Baltimore II for Lessons in History

From our Education Partnership with
The Pride of Baltimore II


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