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4th Annual Classic Wooden Sailboat Rendezvous & Race PDF Print

Thank you all for a great weekend! Perfect weather for sailing classic boats!
Photos coming soon to our Facebook page.

Here are the results (Pursuit start - time at finish):

"Unleaded" Class:
1st    EXOTIC MATERIALS -Albacore  Time: 13:16:07
"Premium" Class:
1st   SASHAY 13:31:08
2nd   HONALEE 13:31:18
3rd   TROUT 13:34:31
4th   BEAR 13:55:32
5th   BULL 14:13:04
"Diesel" Class:
1st   MUSTANG 13:26:39
2nd   HOWARD BLACKBURN 13:37:39
3rd   SPELLBOUND 13:40:48
4th   LACERTA 13:50:19
5th   VIGNETTE 13:54:54
6th   NIGHTSHADE 13:55:51
7th   ELF 13:56:21
8th   WINSOME 14:04:36
9th   SURF BIRD 14:08:34
10th   WITCHCRAFT 14:10:21
11th   KITTIWAKE 14:10:33
12th   TIME DNF


List of Boats Participating:

Boat Name   Length   Owner or Skipper
Kittiwake   32'   Stephan Abel
Berwyn   38'   Carolyn Abernethy
Witchcraft   59'   Dave Butler
Elf   58'   Rick Carrion
Spellbound   44'   Edmund Cutts, Jr.
Trout   22.7'   Tom Gahs
Winsome   36'   Ken Gummerson
Surf Bird   48'   Richard Hall
Exotic Material   15'   Barney Harris
Grizzly Bear   33'   John Hedger
Mustang   32'   Simon King
Stradivarius   14'   Doug Loup
Mistress   76.5'   Glenn McCormick
Honalee   29.5'   Paul Miller
Sashay   22.8'   Elliott Oldak
Howard Blackburn   57'   Mark Roesner
Time   34'   Mark Scott
Nightshade   36.5'   Donald Shea
Howard Thorklson   57'   Howard Thorklson
Bear   28'   NSHOF
Bull   28'   NSHOF
Lacerta   39.83'   Mark Walter
Morgaine   10'   Kristin White
Vignette   41'   Peter Oetker
Myrtea   32'   Rob Rowlands


 Watch a video with photos from last year's Rendezvous & Race -



Sponsored by the NSHOF and
Chesapeake Traditional Sailboat Association





A fun gathering of classic wooden sailboats to showcase their history and elegance and provide an informal opportunity to compete in a low-key race against similar vessels!


Notice of Race - Click here for NOR (PDF)


Friday & Saturday, September 20 & 21      
      Arrival at NSHOF docks
Preferred by 10: 00 am Saturday!
Saturday, September 21      
10:00 am – 5:00 pm     Boat Display and Viewing by the public
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm     Race Registration at NSHOF - For NOR Click Here
5:30 pm     Reception at NSHOF
6:00 pm     Race Competitor’s Meeting
6:30 pm     Dinner at local restaurant on your own
Sunday, September 22      
11:00 am     Warning Signal for Pursuit Race!

For more info contact Maria Museler (maria.museler@gmail.com) for the onshore events or Paul Miller (dawnpaulmiller@comcast.net) for the race.

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