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NSHOF's STEM Sailing™ program is one of the National Sailing Hall of Fame's Four Pillars™ which also include the Hall of Fame Inductions, our Stories and Collections projects that make up Sailing and the American Experience, and our On-Site programs.

NSHOF has been developing and delivering quality educational programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to students since 2010, and making our sailing-based educational lessons available to educators across the country. 

The very technical nature of the sport of sailing lends itself naturally to providing practical lessons in math - including algebra and geometry, and science - especially physics. Sailboats of all sizes and designs are both engineered products and systems that make for perfect on-board lessons not only in math and science but also in engineering. The waters in which we ply our boats are themselves classrooms for studying the sciences of our planet and how it works.

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Since 2010, we have partnered with local county public schools to offer "STEM Sailing:Learning Math & Science through Sailing" to their STEM high school students. The program engages today's youth using sailing as a hands-on, experiential method of teaching math and science. It has successfully demonstrated that today's students find subjects much more interesting and less abstract if tied to practical applications.

According to the AACPS Superintendent’s office:

“The NSHOF-AACPS partnership outcomes far exceed our greatest expectations!... algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and physics classroom learning all take shape and are put to the test when at the helm of a sailboat... In education we strive to link rigor with relevance... our NSHOF partner has been the driving force for linking STEM learning with real world relevance for hundreds of our high school students.”

More than 3,300 students have received high school core-course academic credit for these courses. The public schools rely on the expertise of our instructors and bring our staff into their school classrooms to teach the courses for the schools.

We have accomplished all this with only part time STEM Sailing instruction staff.

Our model has been so successful, we recently established a Teacher Academy in conjunction with the public schools — teaching public school STEM teachers how to sail while engaging them to collaborate and develop curricula, so they can teach STEM Sailing courses themselves.

We have also begun partnering with schools in other regions of the U.S. who want to implement our STEM Sailing program.

Our STEM Sailing program is a truly unique education program that combines STEM math and science education with hands-on exposure to sailing. It is unlike any other program.

If we had sufficient funding to afford a full time staff person dedicated to our STEM Sailing program, we could reach thousands more students in many other schools throughout the United States by delivering our curricula to their schools. This is our next goal.

We are ready to move forward, and we need your help to make it happen.

We need to raise $100,000 this year for our STEM Sailing program and to hire a full-time STEM education staff person.

Donate NowBecause we are passionate about sailing like you, we ask that you  make a donation to the National Sailing Hall of Fame, to help us achieve our goal. Thank you!


Here are some of our accomplishments from the 2014-2015 school year, and recent working projects:

  • 315 9th & 10th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students participated in seven-week in-school NSHOF Project Based Learning Module sessions for which they received academic credit.

  • 197 9th & 10th grade AACPS STEM students participated in field trips to the NSHOF, including a tour of United States Naval Academy Hydrolab, Crown Sailing Center and a sail on the Pride of Baltimore II.

  • 17 students participated in the Level 1 Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM Summer Bridge Program at the NSHOF - required for graduation.

  • 18 students participated in the Level 2 Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM Summer Bridge Program at the NSHOF - required for graduation.

  • 10 students participated in the Engineering Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM Summer Bridge Program at the NSHOF - required for graduation.

  • Fourth Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 7-12 held at Annapolis High School. Co-sponsored by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation. 300 attended.

  • 105 organizations are part of the STEM Sailing: Learning Math & Science through Sailing National Consortium. A bi-monthly newsletter of best practices and resources is distributed. National Workshop held at the United States Naval Academy; was attended by 44 people.

  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools are planning a,Summer Teacher Academy to teach math and science teachers how sail and develop curricula for their classrooms.

  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools Math Coordinator planning on using NSHOF Navigation curriculum for all Algebra 1 students.

  • An Educator DigiCourse, The Physics, Engineering and Technology of Sailing, is under development.


The National Sailing Hall of Fame's STEM Sailing™ program held a highly successful Summer Bridge program in 2015 for students in grades 9-12. The program was in conjunction wtih Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS).

After learning basic concept in boat design through a series of lessons and explorations, the students built and launched their own sailboats out of cardboard and recycled materials. This video highlights the students testing their boats and provides an overview of the Summer Bridge Program.


Thanks to T2PTV for producing this video for NSHOF.

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