September 21-24, 2018 — An informal opportunity for wooden boats join together and compete in a low-key race against other wooden vessels. 


    • Public nominations were open all year with a March 30 cutoff. 

    • 90 nominations were made. 

    • Lifetime Achievement Awards and Class of 2017 were chosen. 

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HALL OF FAME Inductions


NSHOF identifies and recognizes the heroes of the sport who provide aspiration for young people beginning to sail. By recognizing individual career achievements, we make relevant and essential the value and sportsmanship sailing promotes.

An AMERICAN Experience


NSHOF provides a home for sailing that trumpets its achievements and inspires generations to excel on the water and serve the sport:

STEM Sailing:
Learning Math & Science Through Sailing


NSHOF develops and implements rigorous academic programs that use sailing to teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) in schools across the country. The STEM Sailing program includes:

  • Distributing best practices and resources for teaching math and science through sailing

  • The National Learning Math & Science Consortium, created by NSHOF and composed of 100+ organizations

  • Partners with Anne Arundel County Public Schools to teach approved STEM courses in Navigation and the Science of Sailing in the classroom, for which students receive academic credit.

  • Also in partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, teach a high school STEM Summer Bridge course enabling STEM students to apply on the water what they have learned in the classroom.

  • Conduct a summer "Teaching Teachers to Sail" Teacher Sailing Academy that gives educators an opportunity to learn how to sail, while simultaneously collaborating on developing new STEM Sailing curriclum for their classrooms.

  • Developing online course materials that enable educators to easily download and begin teaching the physics, technology and engineering of sailing.




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  • Public nominations are open year round with a March 30 cutoff.
  • 61 nominations were made.
  • Class of 2018 chosen.
  • 2018 Induction to be held at Lauderdale Yacht Club, November 10 - 11.
  • 2019 Induction to be held at Seattle Yacht Club.
  • 2020 Induction to be held at Eastern Yacht Club.


  • Navigation and Science of Sailing curricula have been posted for free use by educators across the country.
  • Teacher Academy, teaching math and science teachers how to sail to be held in August.
  • 220 9th &10th grade students from Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) participated in seven-week NSHOF Project Based Learning (PBL) Module sessions, for which they receive academic credit.
  • 106 organizations in the STEM Sailing National Consortium.
  • Sixth Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 7-12 was held at Annapolis High School. Co-sponsored by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation.


Free public display at the Sailing Center of boats including among others:

  • Adventurer, Cherubini 56’
  • Bull & Bear, Replica Sandbaggers, 56’
  • Jolly Dolphin, Workboat 63’
  • Myrtea, Bermuda 30’
  • PE Pruitt, Chesapeake Bay Buyboat 60’
  • Sails Call, Beneteau 47’
  • Sultana, Replica Topsail Schooner 97’

Bull & Bear Sailing

  • Bull and Bear have hosted over 80 people for sailing, most of whom have never sailed before.

Recovering Warrior Sailing Squadron

  • Annapolis Spring Regatta, co-sponsored with United States Naval Academy, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Connected Warrior Foundation, and Warrior Events, was held on April 28.

Outreach Program to African American Community

  • Sails throughout the summer are being held with members of the community.

United States Sailboat Show

  • In cooperation with the United States Sailboat Show, American Sailing Association and Beneteau USA, 200 people participated in a First Sail Workshop at the Spring Boat Show.

Tom Morris Library

  • Annapolis Reading Room open to the public.
  • There are now 3,500 items in the collection.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Partnership with Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta certified.
  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, distribution of information regarding Saving the Bay has been set up at the NSHOF Sailing Center.


Film Library

  • A growing online collection of over 170 sailing films and videos between two minutes and two hours, many of which are unavailable anywhere else, with more videos going online.


Gowrie Group Yacht Club and Adams Cup Stories Project

Tom Morris Library and Book Reviews


  • STEM Sailing: Learning Math & Science through Sailing programs and reports.
  • Learning Math & Science through Sailing National Consortium network and newsletters.
  • Learning Math & Science through Sailing STEM 9th and 10th grade curricular template in use by schools around the country.

American Women in Sailing Story Project

Online Contributions and Sales

  • Founding Members.
  • Annual Giving.
  • Building Capital.
  • Morris Library.
  • Planned Giving.



  • Channel - SailingHallofFame - features 105+ videos with over 3,337 views totaling over 418 hours watched this year.


  • Facebook page - active “like” participation by nearly 4,000 fans.


  • @sailinghall - 533 followers, a 5% increase, receiving over 20,000 impressions this year.



  • Annapolis Yacht Club Memorial Day.


  • Distributed 1,300 copies of Hall of Famer Jim Kilroy book Kialoa US 1: Dare to Win  to junior sailing programs across the country for instructional and fundraising purposes.

Because of generous donations to our Annual Giving Campaign, these activities have been made possible.

Your gift supports our Hall of Fame Inductions, our STEM Sailing: Learning Math & Science Through Sailing educational programs, our online Sailing in the American Experience exhibits, and our On-Site Programs, including the Recovering Warrior Sailing Squadron events, Visiting Boats, and the BULL & BEAR free sail program. 

We believe what you see on the water will change the way you see life on land. 
We believe people who don’t sail are missing something. 
We believe we can change than that. 
Join us. 

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