These books were generously donated by the estate of Walter Cronkite. Information is provided in each book listing so you can borrow the book from your local library. Enjoy.

Cover Title Authors Rating Hits
cover Title: Sailing Alone: Around the World (Coastline Collection) Authors: Joshua Slocum Rating: 0 Hits: 2563
cover Title: Sea Serpents of Coastal New England Authors: L.D. Geller Rating: 0 Hits: 2579
cover Title: Sea Diver Authors: Marion Clayton Link Rating: 0 Hits: 2621
cover Title: Sailing Yacht Design Authors: Robert G. Henry and Richards T. Miller Rating: 0 Hits: 2621
cover Title: The Spanish Armada Authors: Jay, Williams Rating: 0 Hits: 2638
cover Title: Sailing Round Ireland Authors: Wallace Clark Rating: 0 Hits: 2651
cover Title: Sailing to Paradise Authors: Nukhet Anadol Rating: 0 Hits: 2660
cover Title: Sailing Alone Around the World (Adventure Library) Authors: Joshua Slocum Rating: 0 Hits: 2663
cover Title: Sailing to Win Authors: Robert M. Bavier, Jr. Rating: 0 Hits: 2667
cover Title: Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea Authors: Gary Kinder Rating: 0 Hits: 2680
cover Title: Send Down A Dove Authors: Charles MacHardy Rating: 0 Hits: 2704
cover Title: The Bay and the Sound Authors: John Parkinson Jr. Rating: 0 Hits: 2713
cover Title: Paul Elvstrom explains.... Authors: Paul Elvstrom Rating: 0 Hits: 2724
cover Title: Sailor's Life Authors: Jan De Hartog Rating: 0 Hits: 2727
cover Title: The U.S. Navy: An Illustrated History Authors: Nathan Miller Rating: 0 Hits: 2728
cover Title: The Coast of New England: A Pictorial Tour from Connecticut to Maine Authors: Stan Patey Rating: 0 Hits: 2737
cover Title: Supership Authors: Noel Mostert Rating: 0 Hits: 2738
cover Title: The Sea Authors: Philip Plisson Rating: 0 Hits: 2738
cover Title: Sea Chest: An Anthology of Ships & Sailormen Authors: C. Fox Smith Rating: 0 Hits: 2739
cover Title: The World Ocean: Introduction to Oceanography Authors: William A. Anikouchine, Richard W. Sternberg Rating: 0 Hits: 2739
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