March 11, 2014

American Iceboating

The weather for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 winters were unusually cold in the Northern states. In response, sailors all around the frozen parts of the nation climbed into iceboats resurrected from inside barns and under porches, taking rare opportunities to sail on "hard water" in vehicles that, at the time they were invented, were very much "the fastest things on the planet."

Below are some recent videos, news stories and links. Sit back & chill for a while. Enjoy.

Iceboating on Barnegat Bay: 2014

This video was put together by NYC based sailing photographer & videographer Peter Slack.
You can see his other works by clicking here.


 NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams - News End Feature Story - Monday, Mar. 11, 2013

Hudson River Iceboating

Offers a concise history and technique of iceboat racing.

"Reviving a Rivalry, After Years on Ice"

Read the article in the New York Times

As the Hudson River Freezes, Classic Ice Yachts Emerge

Read the article in Forbes Magazine

Sailing 50 MPH Into the Teeth of Global Warming

Read the article in Forbes Magazine

Article in Chicago NOW - Ice Boat Sailling "Skeeters"

Read the article on

"On the Rocks: Ice Yachts Sail Cold Hudson River"

Read the AP story by Michael Hill

Iceboating Organizations:

Hudson River Ice Yacht Club (contains several links of interes)

North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club, Red Bank, NJ

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club, Madison, WI

Minnesota Ice Sailing Association

International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association

Chickawaukie Ice Boat Club, Maine

Sail Michigan, Michigan Ice Boating



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