December 27, 2013

Bull and Bear Sailing


In May BULL and BEAR return to Annapolis  to introduce the joys of sailing to youth groups, outreach and community programs, in addition to serving as on-water classrooms. This is through our STEM Sailing Summer Bridge program, conducted in partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, which delivers lessons in Navigation and the Science of Sailing, for which students receive academic credit.

It's all part of our mission to engage the next generation of sailors!

Click here to learn more about these amazing boats, and
watch a short documentary video.

The sandbaggers are used as part of our Free Sail Program , which offers free evening sails on Wednesday evenings for non-profit groups and supporters.

If you would like to sign up your group for a Free Sail on BULL & BEAR , click here.

We also have individuals who support our mission to introduce people to the wonders of sailing by volunteering their boats as part of our Visiting Boats public exhibit, as well as volunteering their boat, crew and time to join BULL and BEAR in support of the Free Sail Program.

Want to Volunteer?

If you would like to help out with Bull & Bear , you can use the same Signup Form to enter your contact information and Volunteer prefererences at the bottom of the form.

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