August 1, 2011

End of Year Update 2011

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Preserving America's Sailing Legacy * Engaging Sailing's Next Generation

End of Year Update 2011

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  • Rules and By-Laws for induction established
  • Public nominations open from April - June
  • Induction Ceremony held on October 23 at San Diego Yacht Club
  • 2012 Induction scheduled for October 14 at Southern Yacht Club
  • 2013 Induction to be held at Bay Head Yacht Club


  • NSHOF presented workshops on Learning Math & Science through Sailing and Techniques for Partnering with Public Schools at the US Sailing National Sailing Program Symposium.
  • 120 9th Grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students participated in a Project Base Learning Module during the Spring semester.
  • 86 10th Grade AACPS STEM students participated in a Problem Based Learning Module during the Spring semester.
  • 148 9th and 10th Grade AACPS STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students participated in a field trip to the NSHOF including a sail and a visit to the U.S. Naval Academy Crown Sailing Center and Midshipmen sailors.
  • 40 AACPS STEM Summer Bridge students participate in two two-week programs of classroom and sailing activities at the NSHOF.
  • NSHOF provided a mentored Community Challenge to 11th Grade AACPS students in the Spring Semester.
  • 20 Box of Rain campers participated in a one-day classroom activity at the NSHOF.
  • A week long Navigation class for eight middle school students was held at the NSHOF in August.
  • 123 10th Grade AACPS STEM students are participating in Project Base Learning Module during the Fall semester.
  • A National Learning Math & Science Through Sailing Consortium Workshop was held at the U.S Naval Academy Crown Sailing Center during the Annapolis Boat Show. 50 educational and sailing organizations from around the country participated.
  • A partnership has been established with Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, to provide a platform for the distribution of curricular ideas and best practices.
  • A partnership has been established with NASA to work with the development of educational materials.
  • Partnerships have been established with Harken, Weems & Plath and North Sails to develop learning modules.


Free public display at the Sailing Center of classic boats and including among others:

  • Bull and Bear , replica 1860's sandbaggers
  • Pride of Baltimore II , replica 19th century Baltimore Topsail Schooner
  • Sultana , A replica Topsail Schooner
  • Lady Maryland , replica of a Chesapeake Bay Pungy Schooner
  • Adventurer , Cherubini 56
  • Elf , 1888 Lawley Topsail Sloop 30, 1888
  • Windalier , Sparkman & Stephens 58, 1962
  • Aurora , Reichel/Pugh 66
  • Donnybrook , Custom racing vessel
  • Chesapeake , Bugeye 59, 1954
  • Spirit of South Carolina , replica 19th century Pilot Schooner
  • Audra , Sparkman & Stephen 35, 1968
  • Honalee , Rozinante 28, 1962
  • Lacerta , Concordia Yawl 39, 1956
  • Nightshade , Herreshoff 36, 1973
  • Morgaine , Acorn 10, 2001
  • Radiance , Sparkman & Stephens 37, 1955
  • Raider , New York 32, 1936
  • Rebel , ELCO Long island Cruiser 50, 1928
  • Summerwind , Alden 101, 1929
  • Saxon , Concordia 39, 1953
  • Linda June , Lippincott 32, 1983
  • Martha White , Schooner 65, 1973
  • Witchcraft , Cutter 59, 1903

BULL and BEAR Sailing

  • In cooperation with BULL and BEAR Sailing, the replica 1860s sandbaggers BULL and BEAR have been on display since May 22 at the Sailing Center and have hosted over 370 people for sailing-75% of whom never sailed before.

Annapolis Race Week

  • In cooperation with the Chesapeake Yacht Racing Association, Annapolis Race Week was staged at Annapolis City Dock and the NSHOF Sailing Center. September 3-5. U.S. Sailing’s Roadshow crew provided sailing on BICs and paddleboat rides.

Classic Sailing Rendezvous and Race

  • In cooperation with the Chesapeake Traditional Sailing Association, the Second Annual Classic Sailboat Rendezvous and Race was held September 18 & 19 at the Sailing Center; 19 boats participated.

onmental Stewardship

  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, distribution at the Sailing Center of information regarding Saving the Bay.

Bay Head Yacht Club

  • The Bay Head Yacht Club, as a Founding Member, utilized the NSHOF as their Chesapeake station for a rendezvous.


  • 785 people sailed from the NSHOF; 75% have never sailed before.

Capital Hill Regatta (In Planning)

  • A regatta involving present and former members of Congress, Congressional staff, Midshipman, regional sailors and junior sailors on U.S. Naval Academy boats.

Hemingway Cup (In Planning)

  • In cooperation with the Storm Trysail Club, The Hemingway Cup will be a race from Havana to Annapolis


Sailing Resources Locator

  • Interactive U.S. Map of over 1,580 sailing programs state by state.

Film Library

  • A growing online collection of sailing films and videos between four minutes and two hours.


  • Sailing in American Literature : Listing of sailing quotes from American writers such as Thoreau, Emerson, Twain, Barth, etc.
  • Photographic Exhibitions : Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Daniel Forester posted. Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Onne van der Waal posted.
  • Sailing in American Art : Virtual exhibition of sailing paintings from the National Gallery of Art. Curated by Elizabeth Grazioli and Wil Scott.
  • Sailing in American Music : Virtual streaming of sailing in American music. 
  • Celebrated American Sailors : Virtual exhibition of Americans such as Albert Einstein, John Kennedy, Alexander Graham Bell, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, George Patton, Walter Cronkite, John Smith, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Buffett, Franklin Roosevelt, among others. 

Yacht Club Stories

  • A section has been posted with stories from yacht clubs from across the country.

Tom Morris Library and Book Reviews

  • Walter Cronkite sailing collection posted.

On Line Contributions

  • Founding Members
  • Annual Giving
  • Morris Library Campaign



  • Channel Created - SailingHallofFame - currently features 22 videos with over 5,000 views


  • Active participation by nearly 1,500 fans.


  • American Yacht Club, Annapolis Yacht Club, Bay Head Yacht Club, Bayview Yacht Club, Carolina Yacht Club, Davis Island Yacht Club, Eastport Yacht Club, Fishing Bay Yacht Club, Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Larchmont Yacht Club, Lavallette Yacht Club, Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, Mantoloking Yacht Club, Maryland Club Yacht Squadron, Metedeconk Yacht Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Riverside Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, St. Petersburg Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, Seattle Yacht Club, Shelter Island Yacht Club and Southern Yacht Club have all become Founding Members. Other clubs are in the process of becoming Founding Members.
  • Union Club Yacht Squadron and San Diego Yacht Club are planning rendezvous at the NSHOF.
  • Eastern Yacht Club has challenged Annapolis Yacht Club for a race on BULL and BEAR .


  • The Center has been established as an information hub, idea forum and testing lab where new developments in equipment design can be introduced, evaluated and tested. The Steering Committee has been established and includes: Lewis Peach (Convener), Former Director of Advanced Programs, NASA; Tony Gross; NASA Ames Research Center/American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics; Lars Henriksen; Jeff Hoffman, MIT/Astronaut; Stan Honey, Team Origin; Bruce Johnson, U.S. Naval Academy (retired); Rich Korpus, Applied Fluid Technologies; Bill Lasher, SC-2 Committee; Paul Miller, U.S. Naval Academy; Dave Newman, MIT/Circumnavigator; Nils Salvesen, SAIC (retired); Pat Troutman, NASA Langley Research Center/Innovator; Britt Ward, Farr Yacht Design.


  • A working committee has been organized to collect the rich array of stories of American Women in Sailing. Members to date include Betsy Alison, Liz Baylis, Mary Brigden, Louise Burke, Posie Constable, Susan Daly, Jane Eagleson, Merritt Keffer, Mimi Edmunds, Annie Gardner, Sydney Ferguson, Liz Filter, Natalie James, Elaine Lembo, Lind Lindquist-Bishop, Maria Museler, Susan Nahmias, Katie Pettibone, Dawn Riley, Susan Dierdorff Taylor, and Dan Walker.  The America3; The Women’s Team and Mary Patten stories are posted on the NSHOF website.


  • Learning Math & Science Through Sailing Consortium Workshop
  • Display of the sandbaggers BULL & BEAR


  • The fund raising firm Odell, Simms & Lynch became a partner in January
  • Bill Koch $500,000 match Challenge completed
  • List of high net worth individuals developed
  • Naming Opportunities defined
  • Calls on individuals underway
  • Tom Morris Library Campaign launched
  • Annual Giving Campaign launched


  • First Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 8-12 at Annapolis High School on February 26. Co-sponsored by Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation.
  • Gary Jobson book signing at NSHOF on May 17.
  • Coast Guard Auxiliary inspections on May 21.
  • NSHOF presentation at U.S. Sailing Yacht Club Summit in Chicago April 3.
  • Paul Cayard donates his El Toro to NSHOF.
  • Two high school interns from Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM program worked during the summer months at the NSHOF office.

Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

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