August 1, 2011

End of Year Update 2012

Preserving America's Sailing Legacy * Engaging Sailing's Next Generation

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  • A Youth Advisory Committee has been established to carry the mission of the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame to the next generation.


  • Public nominations were open from March 1 to May 1
  • 2012 Induction scheduled for October 14 at Southern Yacht Club
  • 2013 Induction to be held at the NSHOF Site


  • Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National meeting held at the United States Naval Academy Crown Sailing Center. Regional Consortium meetings held at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, OCSC Sailing School in Berkeley, Mystic Seaport in Connecticut and Southern Yacht Club in New OrleansNSHOF participated on "How Can We Keep Sailors Interested and Involved" and "STEM Education and Its Application" panels at the US Sailing National Sailing Program Symposium in January.
  • 423 9th & 10th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) students participated in seven week NSHOF Project Based Learning Module sessions
  • 53 AACPS STEM high school students participated in Summer Bridge programs of classroom and sailing activities at the NSHOF in June, July and August
  • Strategic partnership established with "Pride of Baltimore II" to teach math and science through sailing and the War of 1812 history as well as Wounded Warrior programming and on water lectures
  • 202 9th and 10th grade AACPS STEM students participated in field trips to the NSHOF including programs on the "Pride of Baltimore II" , with Rozalia Project underwater robot, tour of United States Naval Academy Hydrolab and Crown Sailing Center and compass and GPS navigation of Annapolis and the United States Naval Academy
  • In partnership with Eastport Yacht Club Foundation 283 elementary students participated in a multi-station interactive lesson aboard the "Pride of Baltimore II" at the NSHOF
  • 28 students from the Stanton Center and 30 5th grade students from Annapolis Elementary School went on an educational sail aboard "Sultana" , a replica of a 1768 British Schooner
  • Second Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 7-12 at Annapolis High School. Co-sponsored by AACPS and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation
  • With JWorld Annapolis, launched a Teaching Teachers to Sail program that will continue annually. Teachers are required to assist teachers in enhancing NSHOF STEM programs.
  • NSHOF participated at the US Sailing National Sailing Program Symposium, at education presentations to the Oshkosh, Wisc. and Sheboygan, Wisc. school districts, at the annual Maryland Council of Social Studies Conference and the Four Rivers Heritage Showcase for War of 1812 partnership
  • 11th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools Community Challenge began process of designing and building an Optimist Land Cruiser
  • In partnership with "SpinSheet" Magazine, the Rozalia Project (National Consortium) participant worked with local students to collect underwater trash from the NSHOF site


Free public display at the Sailing Center of classic boats and including among others:

  • "Bull" and " Bear" , replica 1860's sandbaggers
  • "Pride of Baltimore II" , replica 19th century Baltimore Topsail Schooner
  • "Sultana" , a replica Topsail Schooner
  • "Lady Maryland" , replica of a Chesapeake Bay Pungy Schooner
  • "Adventurer" , Cherubini 56
  • "Elf" , 1888 Lawley Topsail Sloop 30, 1888
  • "Windalier" , Sparkman & Stephens 58, 1962
  • "S.S. Sophie" , Trumpy 80, 1947
  • "Witchcraft" , Cutter 59, 1903
  • "St. Brendan" , Albin Vega 27
  • NOAA Research Vessel, Catamaran 34
  • "Antares" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1978
  • "Anytime" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1972
  • "Audra" , Sparkman and Stephens 35, 1968
  • "Ballyhoo" , J-Boat 44, 1991
  • "Bramare" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1964
  • "Chelsea Girl" , Albin 36, 2001
  • "Coquina" , Herreshoff 22, 2012
  • "Daring" , Bristol 45, 1980
  • "Donnybrook" , Dencho Marine 80, 2004
  • "Dominatrix" , Catalina 36, 1994
  • "Duty Paid" , Tiara 33, 1996
  • "Esperanza" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1963
  • "Firefly" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1960
  • "Frolic" , Sabre 36, 2003
  • "Honalee" , Herreshoff 28, 1962
  • "Huntress" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1959
  • "Impatience" , Catalina 25, 1982
  • "Intention" , Beneteau 40
  • "Joint Venture" , Beneteau 34, 2005
  • "Knot Home" , Merdian Yachts 46, 2003
  • "Lacerta" , A&R 39, 1956
  • "Lunar Lady" , Jet Turn 42, 2007
  • "L'Audace" , Beneteau 38, 1999
  • "Morgaine" , Acorn Dinghy, 2001
  • "Nightshade" , Herreshoff 36, 1974
  • "No Limits" , Jeanneau 37, 2001
  • "Osceola" , Viking 48
  • "Robert P" , BB. Crownshield, 2011
  • "Roca Lidan" , Snipe 15, 1953
  • "Sails Call" , Beneteau 47, 2009
  • "Schooner Mistress" , Sherman Hoyt 77, 1930
  • "Schooner Tyrone", Crocker 75, 1939
  • "Someday" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1980
  • "Spellbound" , Cutts and Case 47, 1973
  • "Stradivarius" , International 14, 1967
  • "Summerwind", C. A. Morse 100, 1929
  • "Surf Bird" , Ralph Wiley, 1956
  • "Thistle" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1971
  • "Trout" , Star 23, 1924
  • "True North" , Elan 44, 2004
  • "Tusitala" , Hinckley Bermuda 40, 1971
  • "Vignette" , Custom Cutter 41, 1968
  • "YES" , DeFever 44, 2001
  • "Witchcraft" , Cutter 59, 1903

"BULL " and " BEAR" Sailing

  • "Bull" and "Bear have hosted 162 people for sailing
  • Eastern Yacht Club and Annapolis held a "Bull" & "Bear" Challenge Race

Founding Member Yacht Club Rendezvous

  • The Annapolis Yacht Club, the Chesapeake Bay Bermuda 40 Association, the Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia and the Union League Yacht Club have utilized the NSHOF as their Chesapeake station for a rendezvous

Envir onmental Stewardship

  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, distribution at the Sailing Center of information regarding Saving the Bay
  • Hosted the Rozalia Project


  • Held the Third Annual Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race with 17 boats competing
  • Hosted USA Junior Olympics Sailing Festival welcoming
  • The Wounded Warriors held a Regatta in September
  • With several juniors as crew, "Bull" placed first in the Second Annual Elf Classic, repeating last year's win
  • Reception held on the "HMS Bounty"
  • "Pride of Baltimore II" sail in Nantucket, a sail with U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Team in Annapolis, and an inaugural on water lecture with Gary Jobson


Sailing Resources Locator

  • Interactive U.S. Map of over 1,580 sailing programs state by state

Film Library

  • A growing online collection of sailing films and videos between four minutes and two hours


  • Sailors and Stories: U.S. Olympic Sailing Medalists, U.S. Paralympic Medalists, Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Recipients, and Nathanael G. Herreshoff Trophy Winners
  • Sailing in American Literature : Listing of sailing quotes from American writers such as Thoreau, Emerson, Twain, Barth, etc.
  • Photographic Exhibitions : Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Daniel Forester posted. Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Onne van der Waal posted.
  • Sailing in American Art : Virtual exhibition of sailing paintings from the National Gallery of Art. Curated by Elizabeth Grazioli and Wil Scott.
  • Sailing in American Music : Virtual streaming of sailing in American music. To be posted in 2013

Yacht Club Stories

  • A section has been posted with stories from yacht clubs from across the country

US Sailing Lists

  • Olympics
  • Paralympics
  • Rolex Yachtsmen and Yachtswomen
  • Herreshoff Award
  • Tom Morris Library and Book Reviews
  • Walter Cronkite sailing collection posted
  • Additional collections in process


  • Learning Math & Science Through Sailing programs and reports
  • Learning Math & Science Through Sailing National Consortium network, newsletters and presentations posted
  • Learning Math & Science Through Sailing STEM 9th and 10th grade curriculum
  • Class offerings

American Women In Sailing Story Project

  • Postings of The America3: The Women's Team, The Salty Sisters, Mary Patten and WIMRA as part of the American Women In Sailing Story Project
On Line Contributions

  • Founding Members
  • Annual Giving
  • Morris Library Campaign



  • YouTube Channel - SailingHallofFame - currently features 30 videos with over 11,814 views

  • Active participation by over 2,000 fans
  • Friends of fans 854,132 and growing


  • A Twitter account has been established - handle to follow is @sailinghall
  • Live tweets and photos posted during Induction ceremony at Southern Yacht Club


  • American Yacht Club, Annapolis Yacht Club, Bay Head Yacht Club, Bayview Yacht Club, Beverly Yacht Club, Carolina Yacht Club, Chesapeake Bay Bermuda 40 Association, Chicago Yacht Club, Corinthian Yacht Club of Philadelphia, Davis Island Yacht Club, Eastern Yacht Club, Eastport Yacht Club, Fishing Bay Yacht Club, Gibson Island Yacht Squadron, Great Harbor Yacht Club, Hyannis Yacht Club, Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Island Heights Yacht Club, Larchmont Yacht Club, Lavallette Yacht Club, Lewes Yacht Club, Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, Mantoloking Yacht Club, Maryland Club Yacht Squadron, Metedeconk Yacht Club, Nantucket Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Riverside Yacht Club, Olympic Sailing Association of New Orleans, Riverside Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club, St. Petersburg Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club, San Francisco Yacht Club, Seaside Park Yacht Club, Seattle Yacht Club, Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Shelter Island Yacht Club, Southern Yacht Club, Stamford Yacht Club, Storm Trysail Yacht Club, Toms River Yacht Club, Tred Avon Yacht Club, and Union League Club Yacht Squadron, have all become Founding Members
  • Other clubs are in the process of becoming Founding Members
  • San Diego Yacht Club is planning a rendezvous at NSHOF in 2013
  • New York Yacht Club has challenged Southern Yacht Club on "BULL" and "BEAR"


  • List of high net worth individuals developed
  • Naming Opportunities defined
  • Calls on individuals underway
  • Tom Morris Library Campaign underway
  • Annual Giving Campaign underway
  • Induction Ceremony Fund underway


  • Coast Guard Auxiliary inspections
  • Co-sponsored the First Annual Annapolis City Fair with the City of Annapolis
  • Worked with CRAB to celebrate Matt Rutherford's landfall following his unprecedented nonstop solo circumnavigation of the Americas

"All of these achievements were made possible because of generous donations NSHOF received to its Annual Giving Campaign. "

"Please join us in continuing the forward momentum as we work toward building a permanent home for American Sailing, and engaging the next generation of American Sailors."
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Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

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