July 31, 2013

End of Year Update 2015


Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy Engaging Sailing's Next Generation

End of Year Report 2015

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  • Public nominations were open from February 1 to April 1.
  • 108 Nominations were made with 80 distinct individuals.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award and Class of 2015 chosen.
  • 2015 Induction and Adams Cup Reunion held on October 3 and 4 at Bay Head Yacht Club.
  • Induction in 2016 will be at St. Francis Yacht Club, in 2017 at New York Yacht Club, Harbour Court and in 2018 at Ft. Lauderdale Yacht Club.


  • Navigation and Science of Sailing curriculum have been posted for free use by educators nationwide.
  • Teacher Academy established to teach math and science teachers how to sail.
  • 105 organizations are part of the STEM Sailing National Consortium. A bi-monthly newsletter of best practices and resources is distributed.
  • 287 9th  & 10th grade Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) STEM students participated in seven-week NSHOF Project Based Learning Module sessions for which they received academic credit.
  • 117 9th & 10th grade AACPS STEM students participated in field trips to NSHOF including a tour of the United States Naval Academy Hydromechanics Laboratory and Crown Sailing Center, as well as sails on Donnybrook .
  • Fourth Annual Marine and Maritime Career Fair for students, grades 7-12 held at Annapolis High School. Co-sponsored with the Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Eastport Yacht Club Foundation.
  • Discussions and plans are underway to institute the STEM Sailing Program in schools in Charleston, Los Angeles, Newport, New Orleans and Detroit.



Wounded Warrior Sailing Squadron

  • Annapolis Spring Regatta, co-sponsored with United Sates Naval Academy, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Connected Warrior Foundation and Warrior Events, held on April 25.
  • Annapolis Fall Regatta, co-sponsored with United Sates Naval Academy, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating, Connected Warrior Foundation and Warrior Events, held on September 12

Bull & Bear Sailing

  • Bull and Bear hosted 251 people for free sailing; 75% had never sailed before.

Free public display at the Sailing Center of boats including among others:

  • Adventurer, Alden 52, 1925
  • Anneliese, Beneteau 40, 2008
  • Blue Moon, Hylas 44, 1987
  • Bobsled, C+C 30 One Design
  • Bull and Bear , Replica 1860s sandbaggers
  • Curlew, Valiant Esprit 37, 1987
  • Donnybrook, Alan Andrews 80, 2004
  • Extreme2, C+C 30 One Design
  • Fantasia, CSY 44
  • Howard Blackburn, Alden 57, 1950
  • Hooligan, C+C 30 One Design
  • Honalee, Herreshoff 29.5, 1962
  • Hummingbird, Skipjack, 1995
  • Impossible Dream, Custom 58, 2002
  • Infinity, Orion 27, 1978
  • Just A Friend, C+C 30 One Design
  • Lacerta, Concordia 39, 1956
  • Little Big Man, C+C 30 One Design
  • Lynx, A replica Privateer
  • Nightshade, Herreshoff 36.5
  • Sails Call, Beneteau 47, 2009
  • Sashay, Star 22.5, 1956
  • SIGI, Fjording, 1981
  • Sorcerer II, Cookson 95, 1998 (Research vessel)
  • Spellbound, Cutts 47, 1970
  • Stark Raving Mad VIII, C&C30
  • Sultana, A replica Topsail Schooner
  • Themis, C+C 30 One Design
  • Trout, Star 22.5, 1924
  • Vignette , Custom Cutter, 39 1968
  • Wild Horses, W-Class W-76, 1998
  • Witchcraft, Lawley 66, 1903

Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race

  • Sixth Annual Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race was held September 20-21 held in cooperation with Chesapeake Traditional Sailing Association; 23 boats registered and 17 boats participated. Featured dinghy rowing race, wood boat maintenance demonstrations and talks in addition to harbor yacht race.

C+C 30 Regatta

  • Hosted C+C One Design boats for the Annapolis Fall Regatta.

Tom Morris Library

  • Reading room open to the public.
  • Over 2,500 items are now in the collection.

Adams Cup

  • Mrs. Charles Frances Adams Cup on display.

United States Sailboat Show

  • In cooperation with the United States Sailboat Show, American Sailing Association and Beneteau USA, 220 people participated in an On-Board Sailing Workshop.

Christmas Lights Parade

  • In cooperation with Eastport Yacht Club, hosted boats for the Annual Holiday Lights Parade.

Environmental Stewardship

  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, distributed information on Saving the Bay.
  • NSHOF is now Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta certified.



Sailing Resources Locator

  • Interactive U.S. Map of approximately 1,600 sailing programs organized by state.

Film Library

  • Updated collection of nearly 80 sailing films and videos between four minutes and two hours, many of which cannot be seen anywhere else.
  • Videos were played approximately 6600 times this year, from most U.S. states and several foreign countries.
  • New videos have been acquired and are set to go online next year.


  • Sailors and Stories : U.S. Olympic Sailing Medalists, U.S. Paralympic Medalists, Rolex Yachtsman of the Year and Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Recipients, and Nathanael G. Herreshoff Trophy Winners (US Sailing Lists).
  • Sailing in American Literature : Listing of sailing quotes from American writers such as Thoreau, Emerson, Twain, Barth, etc.
  • Photographic Exhibitions : Virtual exhibitions featuring the photographs of Daniel Forester, Onne van der Waal and Billy Black posted.
  • Sailing in American Art : Virtual exhibition of sailing paintings from the National Gallery of Art. Curated by Elizabeth Grazioli and Wil Scott.
  • Sailing in American Music : Virtual streaming of sailing in American music curated by David Hildebrand.

Gowrie Group Yacht Club Stories Project

  • Enhancing and collecting yacht clubs stories from across the country.

Tom Morris Library and Book Reviews

  • Walter Cronkite sailing collection posted.
  • Additional collections have been received.


  • STEM Sailing programs and reports.
  • STEM Sailing National Consortium network and newsletters.
  • STEM Sailing Navigation and Science of Sailing curriculum online.

American Women In Sailing Story Project

  • The America3, The Women’s Team; The Salty Sisters; Mary Patten, WIMRA and Adams Cup as part of the American Women In Sailing Story Project.

Online Contributions

  • Annual Giving.
  • Morris Library Campaign.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities.




  • SailingHallofFame Channel - currently features 42 videos with 8,786 views – a 37% increase, with over 70,000 minutes watched.


  • Over 3510 “Likes” – a 7% increase over last year.
  • Posts reach of 121,600 over the year. Highest daily reach of 10,965 people.


  • @SailingHall Twitter account with 329 followers had average of over 4,100 impressions each month.


  • Partnership with Gowrie Group to collect and tell yacht club stories.
  • Partnership with SunSail and Moorings to provide discounts to Founding Member Yacht Clubs and their members.


  • STEM Sailing; 16 skippers/crews, 13 boats
  1,630 hours
  • Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race; 16 for organization & RC
  915 hours
  • Bull & Bear Free Sailing; 39 skippers/crews/rigging & down-rigging
  161 hours
  • Wounded Warrior Regatta; 42 for organization, skippers, crew & RC
  220 hours
  • Sailboat Show; 31 for organization & manning display
  1,240 hours
  • Induction; 11 for organization, production & fundraising
  66 hours
  • Tom Morris Library; one librarian
  100 hours
  • Office Support; one administrative assistant
  150 hours
  • Web & Social Media; one administrator
  115 hours
  • Legal Services; one attorney
  220 hours

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