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Updated 2/15/19

1.   The Selection Committee (the Committee) shall consist of no more than fourteen (14) members nor less than ten (10) members.

2.   The Committee shall have national representation and include at least one (1) representative from the National Sailing Hall of Fame Board of Directors, U.S. Sailing, a member of the Hall of Fame, the media, the industry, NSHOF Founding Member Yacht Club, a sailing museum, community sailing, exploration/cruising, two (2) members at large and two (2) additional from the above listed groups.

3.   Committee members shall be appointed by the Board of the National Sailing Center& Hall of Fame and may be a member of the Board. The Chair will be appointed the Board of the National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame. The terms will be three (3) year. No member can sit for more than two (2) consecutive terms except for those selected for the initial “short” terms of one (1) or two (2) years (allowing six (6) to (8) members to sit for seven (7) to eight (8) consecutive years if seated in the initial short first terms).

4.   A secretary will be appointed by the Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The secretary shall be knowledgeable in sailing related information, but need not be a member of the Selection Committee. The duties of the secretary shall include: preparation of the agenda and minutes; handling correspondence; conducting balloting; and distribution of materials related to the business of the Committee.

5.   The Committee shall meet as neededat a time and location of its choosing for the purpose of recommending to the Board of Directors the names of the nominees for induction into the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

6. Categories for candidates:

  • Sailing:  Racing - Exploration/Cruising - Offshore
  • Technical/Design:  Designers - Builders - Sail-makers
  • Contributors:  Teachers - Coaches - Administrators, Media (including authored works, TV, film, etc.) - Promoters - Organizers

7. Criteria for candidates:

  • Each candidate should be a U.S. Citizen; however if someone of international birth has had a significant impact on the growth and development of the sport of sailing in the United States they may be included
  • Minimum age of 45
  • Posthumous nominations may be made 5 years postmortem or in the year which the deceased would have reached 45 years of age or whichever is sooner.

8.   The number of inductees for 2014 and subsequent years may not exceed five (5).

9.   Selection Process: Selection will be made from nominations made by the general public including the Committee but may not be anonymous. Submissions will be taken through notices posted in sailing media outlets and throughout the sailing community at large. The notices will indicate procedure for nomination anddeadline for submission to the Committee. Submissions should indicate which category thecandidate is best suited (marked by the nominator on the submission form).

10. Voting Process:

For 2014 and thereafter, the Committee will be split into three (3) working parties, with each working party to review all the submissions in an assigned category. Each working party will submit up to ten (10) names from its assigned category to the entire Selection Committee for a maximum total of 30 for the following ballot procedure:

Each member of the Committee shall rank the candidates from one (1) to thirty (30) (or up to the max submitted by the working committee if less than 30) one (1) being top choice/most qualified and thirty (30) being the last choice/least qualified candidate. For each ranking a candidate receives a point value based on the following scale:

Rank     Value

1 –         total submitted by working Groups (up to 30 points)

2 –         total submitted by working Groups minus 1

3 –         total submitted by working Groups minus 2

4 –         total submitted by working Groups minus 3


Once all points are tallied and totaled for each candidate, only up to five (5) candidates receiving 66% of the possible points will be considered for nomination to the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

If more than five (5) candidates receive 66% or more, then a subsequent vote will be taken with only those receiving more than 66%. The candidates receiving the top five total points in this second ranking will be presented to the Board of Directors of the Hall of Fame for induction.

11. Carry over of candidates:

For 2014 and thereafter the total number of candidates (maximum of 30) less/minus the nominated inductees for that year up to thirty (30) that are nominated for to the National Sailing Hall of Fame shall automatically be resubmitted into the candidate pool for the following year. They may stay in that eligible pool for a maximum of 5 years before having to be re-nominated by the general public.

12. The Board of Directors reserves the right to revoke, alter or amend these rules. Changes may not be made during the selection process.


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