Induction Class: Class of 2012

John Paul Kostecki

John Paul Kostecki

June 7, 1964

“I was more scared on BMWOracle’s big trimaran than I was at any time during the Volvo Ocean Race. It wasn’t just a little scary. It was scary.”

Bruce Robert Williams Kirby, Jr.

Bruce Robert William Kirby

January 2, 1929

“Once I’m in my Sonar, the aches and pains go away.”

Peter J. Barrett

Peter Jones Barrett

February 20, 1935

“In any competitive endeavor, success goes to those who most want to succeed.”

John Cox Stevens

John Cox Stevens

September 24, 1785

“Although it would be most agreeable to me that this race should be for a cup of limited value…I am willing to stake upon the issue any sum not to exceed 10,000 guineas.”

Roderick "Rod" Stephens, Jr.

Roderick Stephens Jr.

August 7, 1909

“Don’t forget your storm sails are for storms. When it’s blowing 60, small is beautifu

Mark Reynolds

Mark Jeffrey Reynolds

November 2, 1955

“Fifty three years later, it’s still special — I just really enjoy sailing the Star Boat.”

Stanley K. Honey

Stanley Kohnen Honey

April 8, 1955

“In the stands at an NFL game I’ve heard a kid ask his father, ‘Where’s the yellow line?’”

F. Gregg Bemis

October 6, 1900

“There’s a difference between rounding a mark and passing a mark.”

Robert Newton Bavier, Jr.

Robert Newton Bavier Jr.

March 10, 1918

“We still bring up our youngsters in tame, relatively heavy boats.”

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