Induction Class: Class of 2017

William Bruce Bentsen

February 18, 1930

“Share your ideas with other competitors and they will usually do the same.”

Charles Raymond Hunt

May 17, 1908

“I ought to be able to design racing boats that wouldn’t be so darned expensive.

William Carl Martin

September 6, 1940

“When you make a deal, leave something on the table for everybody.”

Clark Wilbur Mills

January 28, 1915

“Just because the boats look stupid don’t mean nothing.”

Robert Staunton Naish

April 23, 1963

“I love the freedom of the sport, there are no rules.”

Cornelius Shields

April 7, 1895

“A great deal of my best instruction I learned from juniors and beginners.”

Randolph Lyle Smyth

July 7, 1954

“Speed makes you look good.”

Thomas Avery Whidden II

September 24, 1947

“My business is sailmaking, and my passion is sailing.”