Induction Class: Class of 2019

John Bledsoe Bonds

December 16, 1939

“Be prepared and know how to use the right equipment.”

Thomas Fleming Day

March 1861

“Offshore sailing, in short, made us better people.”

Robbie E. Doyle

August 13, 1949

“It was fun sailing with Ted Turner. You learned a lot about leadership.”

G. Shelby Friedrichs

February 15, 1940

“I’m not giving up the helm until we pass that boat up there.” And soon enough he did.

Allison Blair Jolly

August 4, 1956

“The more you put yourself out there. The more racing you do. The better you get.”

Arthur Knapp, Jr.

January 5, 1907

“Consistency is one of the greatest single factors in racing your boat right.”

Donald McKay

September 4, 1810

Flying Cloud

Everett A. Pearson

November 16, 1933

“6-J/24’s per day, 6 days a week.”

Doug Peterson

July 25, 1945

Anti-establishment Designer

Herbert Lawrence Stone

January 18, 1871

“The America’s Cup has been, in general, an instrument of international good will.”