Induction Class: Class of 2020

James Edward Buttersworth


Intricately Detailed Action

Briggs Swift Cunningham, Jr.

January 19, 1907

Lifetime Achievement Award

Gordon K. Douglass

October 22, 1904

Affordable Boats Anyone Can Sail

Robert Bentley Haines, Jr.

March 27, 1954

Gold Medal Sailing Career

William Kroner Mattison

August 10, 1928

Incremental Adjustments Make Big Differences

David B. Perry

April 18, 1954

Enthusiastic Teacher

John Pierce Rousmaniere

March 10, 1944

“After losing a close match, sailors tend to come back with a more radical design.”

Henry “Hoyle” & Diane Schweitzer

April 8, 1933 & December 28, 1935

Windsurfing Comes of Age

Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

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