March 1, 2013

Nominating – Helpful Tips


Nominating someone for consideration to the National Sailing Hall of Fame is easy.

Here are some tips to ensure that the person you want to nominate gets the most consideration:

PLEASE NOTE: The Hall of Fame is neither a popularity contest nor a lottery, so please submit only one nomination for a person. Also, asking friends to also nominate your candidate does NOT help. It only adds to the workload of our volunteers. Thank you.


REVIEW the following documents to get an idea of what's involved and how you should prepare your nomination (will open in a new window):
- Sample Completed Form (webpage)
- By-Laws & Rules for Election (PDF)

WATCH the videos "So you want to nominate..." and "How to nominate" to get a clear picture of the nomination process and the nomination form

soyouwanttonominate howtonominate
Watch "So you want to nominate..." Video Watch "How to nominate..." Video

CONFIRM that your Candidate meets the following criteria:
- At least 45 years old
- If deceased, at least 5 years since death, or deceased was at least 45 (whichever is sooner)
- A U.S. Citizen (a non-citizen may be considered if that person had a significant impact on the growth & development of sailing in the United States)

DECIDE which category (or categories) for which you would like your Candidate to be considered: SAILING, TECHNICAL, OR CONTRIBUTOR - Click for more info
- You may choose one, two or all three categories

COLLECT the following information you will need to complete the form:
- Your contact info
- Legal name of your Candidate
- Candidate contact info (if living) - not required but helpful
- A digital photo and/or other documents that can be uploaded to support your submission - not required but VERY helpful

PREPARE a statement telling us the reasons why you feel your Candidate should be considered for the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

Please keep in mind that the final candidate document for each candidate that is submitted to the Nominating Committee is limited to just two pages — so...
Be thorough but brief in telling us why your person should be inducted.

ALLOW enough time to complete the form in one sitting - while the form is very short and simple, there is no saving your work

SUBMIT only one instance of your nomination - this isn't a drawing, and duplicate entries by the same person only adds to the workload of our volunteers

ENJOY the process - knowing that you are contributing to American Sailing History

Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

Stay Connected to the National Sailing Hall of Fame