Deceased , Modern

Harold A.



Sailing Related Accomplishments and Honors
• Lieutenant Commander in United States Navy
• Author of approximately 14 books regarding sailing
o Learning to Sail (1932)
o Learning to Race (1934)
o Back to Treasure Island (1935)
o Yachtsman’s Omnibus: Learning to Sail, Learning to Race, Learning to Cruise (1935)
o Wind and Tide in Yacht Racing (1936)
o Ships’s Husband: A Guide yo Yachtsmen in the Care of Their Craft (1937)
o Gadgets and Wrinkles: A Compendium of Man’s Ingenuity at Sea (1938)
o So You’re Going to Buy a Boat (1939)
o Rigging (1940)
o What makes a war end? (1944)
o Learning to Cruise (1945)
o Geography for grown-ups (1946)
o Sailing technique (1950)
o The Heavens As a Guide: The Sky and the Sailor; A History of Celestial Navigation’ (1952)

H.A. Calahan was a naval officer and the most famous and influential American writer of books on learning to sail, learning to race, learning to cruise, etc. He was influential from the 1930s until his death and influenced thousands of individuals who went on to become good sailors.

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