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Bob Perry is considered by some to be one of the most influential yacht designers of the late 20th century. Known as one of the pioneers of “performance cruising”, he designed many popular boats, including the Tayana 37 and Valiant 40. Throughout his career he has designed boats for many well recognized names in the yachting industry, such as Tayana, Cheoy Lee, Valiant, Baba, Ta Shing, Islander, Passport and Saga. Though primarily known for his revolutionary cruising sailboat designs, he has also designed a number of winning race vessels and custom racer/cruisers. It has been said that there are more sailboats cruising the world’s oceans designed by Bob Perry than any other designer.
Perry is also renowned for his service to the worldwide community of sailors. He has published many sailing articles, including his design series for Sailing magazine, and has given numerous lectures over the decades while mentoring yacht design students as an Instructor of Yacht Design at Evergreen College, in Olympia, Washington.
Sailing Honors and Accomplishments
• 1995, American Boatbuilders Hall of Fame, for Valiant 40
• 1989, Cruising World magazine, Cruising Hall of Fame
• 1979, Yacht Racing/Cruising magazine, Medal of Achievement for Performance Cruising Design

Partial List of Bob Perry Designed Sailboats
Aloha 26
Aloha 27
Aloha 271
Aloha 41/Perry 41
Aloha 8.2
Baba 30
Baba 35
Baba 40
Baba 40 PH
Bystedt 30
Cheoy Lee 35
Cheoy Lee 43 MS
Cheoy Lee 44
Cheoy Lee 48
Ct-65 / Scorpio 72
Eo 36
Esprit 37
Golden Wave 42
Hans Christian 34
Islander 26
Islander 28
Islander 32-2
Islander 32-3
Islander 34-2
Islander 38 C
Islander Bahama 26
Islander Bahama 28
Islander Freeport 36
Islander Freeport 38
Islander Freeport 41
Lafitte 44
Mariner 39 (Perry)
Mirage 25 (Perry)
Mirage 26 (perry)
Mirage 27 (Perry)
Mirage 30
Mirage 32
Mirage 33
Mirage 35
Nassau 45
Nordic 34
Nordic 40
Nordic 44
Nordic 45 rs
Norseman 447
Norstar 40
Panda 40
Passport 37
Passport 40
Passport 41
Passport 44
Passport 47
Passport 50
PH 41
Polaris 43
Reliance 37
Scorpio 72
Seamaster 46
South Pacific 42
Sun 27
Sun 28
Sun 838
Tashiba 31
Tashiba 36
Tashiba 36 ph
Tashiba 40
Tatoosh 42
Tatoosh 51
Tayana 37
Tayana 47 cc
Tayana 47 ds
Tayana 52
Union 36
Valiant 32
Valiant 37
Valiant 39
Valiant 40 PH
Valiant 40-1 (101-199)
Valiant 40-1 (200-235)
Valiant 40-2
Valiant 42
Valiant 47
Valiant Esprit 37
Westsail 39
White Wing 35/36
Yachtcraft 32

Notable Custom Designs

25’ Choate built grp Cutter
50’ Amazon built steel cutter
52. Lechler 47 47’ Luke built aluminum ketch
60 alumium cutter
61’ Tyler built grp sloop
Amati 41’ Schooner Creek built wood composite
Apache West 49’ FC ketch
Baker Sled 70’ Choate built ULDB cruising sloop
Bell 36 grp daysailer
Bulletproof Betts built 43’ carbon cutter
Capaz 47’ Westerly built grp ketch
Catari 63’ Pacific Seacraft built grp ketch
Christine 75’ Choate built grp power yacht
Eclipse 43’ Lange built grp cutter
Elesium 70’ Choate built ULDB cruiser
Fishboat 25’ aluminum catamaran
Foxfire 54’ Choate built grp sloop
Foxtrot 69’ Jones-Goodel Cruising Sloop
Francis Lee 61’
Free Range Chicken 58’ Westerly built grp
Geezer 30 cold molded daysailer built by Roy Dunbar Boatworks
Hawaii Tri 60 composite trimaran
I 41’ strip planked Two Tonner
Ibold 45 DE. grp cutter
Icon 66’ Martin built carbon racing sloop
Illusion 63’ Howdy Bailey built aluminum cutter
Inbox 40’ Schooner Creek cruising sloop
Irish Rose 41’ grp Two Tonner
Jakatan 42’ Jespersen built cold molded schooner
Kiyi 36 Miller built Maxi-trailerable sloop
Knepper 26 Knepper built cold molded sloop
Little Palm Island 40’ Commuter launch built by Schooner Creek
Little Wing 54’ Shaw Boats built grp catamaran
Lobster Boat 36’ Brower built power boat
Loon 41’ Brower built cold molded DE
Lucky Girl 44’ Betts built composite sloop
Marlin 60’ Folmers built aluminum cutter
Meridian 70’ Miler built ULDB grp sloop
Mobisle 54’ Westerly built composite Sloop
Night Runner 41’ Lange built cold molded cutter
Pachena 50’ Jespersen built cold molded sloop
Rosetta 29 Schooner Creek built cm runabout
Satani 116’ Fautasi racing canoe
Starbuck 56’ Choate built grp sloop
Stealth Chicken 56’ Westerly built IMS sloop
Sunflower 43’ grp DE cutter
Tango 69’ Philbrooks built grp sloop
Tsunami Anguilla 28 racing sloop
Union Jack 24’ cold molded Quarter Tonner
Wild Horses 63’ Betts built
Yoni 50’ Jespersen built aluminum cutter

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