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Stedman Jr.

1921 - 2004

Lynn Stedman Jr. had a vision of what would eventually become the internationally recognized and highly influential governing organization called US Sailing.

His passion for sailing began in the Detroit area at an early age and resulted in his desire to share the passion on a much grander scale by making the sport accessible and providing a governing body founded on the principles of sportsmanship, education, fair play (Rules of Racing) and equal representation. Confronted with an organization with limited influence and presence in the U.S., Lynn set the wheels in motion to change the North American Yacht Racing Union to the United States Yacht Racing Union and lay the foundation for what has become US Sailing today. As defined in this submission, Lynn Stedman’s record and significant contributions spanned multiple aspects of the sport he loved so much and resulted in the influence and notoriety that US Sailing has today with sailors of all experience levels.

Lynn Stedman’s most notable contribution to the sport of sailing came as a result of his leadership positions within the predecessor organizations of US Sailing. As a Vice President of the North American Yacht Racing Union, Lynn chaired a committee to reorganize the North American Yacht Racing Union (NAYRU) as the United States Yacht Racing Union (USYRU). In 1975, Lynn conducted the reorganization and assumed the position as the first President for USYRU. His goals and objectives for the new organization were pivotal in establishing the foundation and beliefs of what is now known as US Sailing. He believed in the creation of a more democratic organization that was inclusive in bringing sailors of varying interests together with representation by a formal governing body. As recognized by many of those involved, Lynn’s character served as the catalyst of making this transition occur. He was known as being humble and credited progress made during his administration as “luck” and “timing”.

Accomplishments and Honors:
• 1986 Nathanael Herreshoff Trophy Recipient
Sailing World “10 Deans of Sailing”
• 1978 Detroit River Yachting Association Hall of Fame
• Two time Bayview Yacht Club Man of the Year
• USYRU / US Sailing Councilor of Honor.

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