October 11, 2017

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Preserving America's Sailing Legacy   star   Engaging Sailing's Next Generation 

The Hall of Fame

By identifying and recognizing individual career achievements we make relevant and essential the character building values and sportsmanship that sailing promotes. Sailing now has a home for its American sailing heroes.

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STEM Sailing

STEM Sailing: Learning Math & Science through Sailing is a program we created, developed and actively deliver to students, for which they receive academic credit. It is a proven and expanding curriculum offering available to anyone.


On-Site Programs
at our Public Docks

The NSHOF is located adjacent to the U.S. Naval Academy and on the historic Annapolis City Dock. Activities include boat exhibitions, STEM Sailing, the Classic Wooden Boat Rendezvous & Race, BULL and BEAR Sandbagger Sailing, Recovering Warrior Regattas and Community Outreach Sails.

visit • volunteer • no sailing experience required

Sailing in the
American Experience

America was shaped by explorers racing to get here, men-of-war racing to Her defense, clipper ships racing their products to port, waterman racing their catch to market, and modern racing competitors representing the USA. Sailing is inextricably linked to American culture — in its art, literature, history, music and film.

Experience sailing'S contribution to our culture


Featured Exhibit

Sailing Covers from THE NEW YORKER Magazine

— A virtual exhibit featuring over a century of American Sailing as illustrated by the cover artists for this icon of American journalism.

From Our Film Library

A tribute to all Inductees to the National Sailing Hall of Fame.

Preserving America’s Sailing Legacy

Engaging Sailing’s Next Generation

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