Rolex Yachtpersons of the Year

Established in 1961 by US Sailing and sponsored by Rolex Watch, U.S.A. since 1980, the annual presentation of US Sailing’s Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year awards recognize the individual male and female U.S. sailors who have demonstrated on-the-water excellence at international and national events to earn their place in the history of the sport. These prestigious awards are widely viewed by the sail-racing industry as the foremost individual competitive sailing honors in the nation.

Martin & Lowry

2019: Mike Martin & Adam Lowry

2019: Daniella Moroz

2018: Jud Smith

Photo: US Sailing

2018: Carmen and Emma Cowles

Photo: US Sailing

2017: Peter Duncan

Photo: US Sailing

2017: Erika Reineke

Photo: US Sailing

2016: Daniella Moroz

Photo: Michael Petrikov

2016: Caleb Paine

Photo: Sailing Energy/World Sailing

2015: Steve Benjamin

Photo: Daniel Forster

2015: Annie Haeger

Terry Hutchinson - Photo Credit - Daniel Forster

2014: Terry Hutchinson

Photo: Daniel Forster

Stephanie Roble - Photo Credit-US-Sailing-Will-Ricketson 2014

2014: Stephanie Roble

Photo: US Sailing / Will Ricketson

Jody Starck

2013: Jody Starck

2013 - Brian Porter

2013: Brian Porter

Jen French, 2012 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. Photo Credit: Tom O'Neil

2012: Johnny Heineken

Photo: Tom O'Neil

Jen French, 2012 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. Photo Credit: Tom O'Neil

2012: Jen French

Photo: Tom O'Neil

Rolex-2011 Bill Hardesty-Photo Credit-Tom O'Neal

2011: Bill Hardesty

Photo: Tom O'Neal

Rolex-2011 Anna Tunnicliffe -Photo Credit - Tom O'Neal

2011: Anna Tunnicliffe

Photo: Tom O'Neal

Rolex-Stan Honey-2011-Photo Credit-Tom O'Neal

2010: Stan Honey

Photo: Tom O'Neill

Rolex-Anna Tunnicliffe-2010-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2010: Anna Tunnicliffe

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Bola Gulari-2009-Photo Credit Dan Nerney

2009: Bora Gulari

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Anna Tunnicliffe-2009-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2009: Anna Tunnicliffe

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Terry Hutchinson-2008-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2008: Terry Hutchinson

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Anna Tunnicliffe-2008-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2008: Anna Tunnicliffe

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Sally Barkow-2007. Photo: Dan Nerney

2007: Sally Barkow

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Jeff Linton-2007- Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2007: Jeff Linton

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Paige Railey-2006-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2006: Paige Railey

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Jud Smith-2006-Photo Credit - Dan Nerney

2006: Jud Smith

Photo: Dan Nerney

Rolex-Sally Barkow 2005

2005: Sally Barkow

Rolex-Nick Scandone 2005

2005: Nick Scandone

Rolex-Paul Foerster 2004

2004: Paul Foerster

Rolex-Kevin Burnham 2004

2004: Kevin Burnham

Rolex-Jody Swanson 1989 2004

2004: Jody Swanson

Rolex-Hannah Swett 2003

2003: Hannah Swett

Rolex-Augie Diaz 2003

2003: Augie Diaz

Rolex-Liz Baylis 2002

2002: Liz Baylis

Rolex-John Kostecki 1988 2004

2002: John Kostecki

Rolex-Steve Fossett 2001

2001: Steve Fossett

Rolex-Cory Sertl 1995 2001

2001: Cory Sertl

Rolex-Pease Glaser 2000

2000: Pease Glaser

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