2014 Workshop: Learning Math & Science Through Sailing


2014consortium4-nshof On October 10, 2014, NSHOF hosted the 4th Annual Learning Math & Science Through Sailing Workshop at the United States Naval Academy’s Crown Sailing Center. Attendees to this workshop had the opportunity to engage in dialogue and brainstorming, as well tour the Naval Academy’s HydroLab.

Below are links to PowerPoints and/or videos of presentations that were made:

PowerPoint: “Keynote Speech”

Ken Reightler – Former Shuttle Pilot and Lockeed Martin Executive; Professor, Aerospace Engineering, United States Naval Academy; Offshore Training Squadron, United Sates Naval Academy Sailing


PowerPoints: “What’s Working”

Jessica Servis – US Sailing REACH Program

Cindy Nickerson – New England Science & Sailing Foundation

Sean Murphy – Detroit Yacht Club / University Prep Science & Math High School

Geoff Cuneo – National Sailing Hall of Fame, Learning Math & Science through Sailing


Videos: Classroom Demonstrations

Mark Murray – Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, United States Naval Academy

Videos & Resources:
HydroLab Demonstrations & Create Your Own Test Tank

Paul Miller – Associate Professor, Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering, United States Naval Academy and John Zselecsky – Branch Head, Hydromechanics Laboratory, United States Naval Academy


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