USNA Hydromechanics Lab – 2014 Consortium Workshop

“Demonstrations at the United States Naval Academy Hydromechanics Lab”

Prof. Paul H. Miller, D.Eng., P.E.
Associate Professor of Naval Architecture
United States Naval Academy

John Zselecsky
Branch Head, Hydromechanics Laboratory
United States Naval Academy

“HydroLab Demonstration with Navy 44 Yacht Models”

“Flotation Experiment”

“Short Video Demonstration of a Portable Tow Tank”

This short video shows a demonstration of a small portable vessel test tank that can be built for less than $300 in materials from a local lumber yard, and can be assembled in short order.

For a ZIP file containing this video and several other useful resources on how to make this tow tank, as well as other educational materials, click here .

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