March 4, 2015

Tabor Boy – 100 Years at Sea

"Tabor Boy: 100 Years at Sea" is a documentary profiling the captivating history of the Tabor Boy sail-training program. Tabor Academy’s flagship 92’ sail-training schooner, the SSV Tabor Boy, celebrates her 100th year at sea. This documentary looks at the ship's rich history, from its early use as a North Sea pilot schooner to its use today as an educational platform for teaching nautical and marine science. The film profiles the school's crew an orientation to at sea programs, where students learn about the life lessons of going to sea. It follows the ocean journey of Tabor Boy in heavy seas, sailing from NE to Virgin Islands to conduct key Marine science research.

SSV TABOR BOY is a 92-foot sail-training schooner used by the Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts to provide its students with an integrated education in STEM subjects and offshore sailing. Along the way, they also learn valuable life lessons in courage, teamwork and leadership.

Written, produced and directed by John Rice, a Tabor alum on the vessel's 100th anniversary, this video aired several times on WSBE, Rhode Island Public Television.

Video. About 48 Minutes.

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