December 28, 2009

2009 Year Update


  • Purchase, in January, of the Phillips property to add to State property.
  • Offer by City of Annapolis to utilize Prince George Street as part of the  NSHOF site development.
  • Finalizing long term lease with the State of Maryland. 


  • Conceptual design and models for the site completed.
  • Initial meetings with Maryland Historic Trust, Annapolis Planning Commission, and Annapolis Planning Commission completed.
  • Animation of the site development completed.


  • Expansion of the Board of Directors to include people from Seattle, San Francisco New Orleans, Charleston, Baltimore, New York, Red Bank, NJ, and Milford, CT has been  completed.
  • Additional people to be identified from Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Florida, Boston and Marblehead.
  • The Mayor of Annapolis and President of U.S. Sailing will be Ex-Officio members of the Board.


  • Preliminary naming opportunities identified.
  • Campaign prospectus outlined.
  • Campaign to raise $1MM to name the Library in memory of Tom Morris underway.
  • Prospects developed.
  • Capital/Building Committee established.
  • Chairman of the Campaign identified.
  • Prospect calls underway.


  • 535 feet of newly constructed dock space with immediate access to Spa Creek, the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay.
  • Free public display at the Sailing Center of classic boats and environmental research vessels including among others:
  • Manitou, President John F. Kennedy, Sparkman & Stephens 62
  • When and If, General George Patton
  • Pride of Baltimore II, replica 19th  century Baltimore Topsail Schooner
  • Virginia, A replica Pilot Schooner
  • Sultana, A replica Topsail Schooner
  • Lady Maryland, A replica of a Chesapeake Bay Pungy Schooner
  • Adventurer, Cherubini 56
  • Elf, 1888 Lawley Topsail Sloop 30, 1888
  • John Smith Shallops
  • Windalier, Sparkman & Stephens 58, 1962
  • Sigsbee Chesapeake Bay Skipjack
  • Donnybrook, Custom racing vessel
  • Hurricane Island 30, Outward Bound Program
  • Rachel Carson, University of Maryland research vessel
  • Wyntje, Hinckley 64
  • Altair, Sparkman & Stephens 96
  • Chesapeake, Bristol 40
  • Hinkley Bermuda 40 50th Anniversary Rendezvous
  • U.S. Sailboat Show
  • Melges 24 World Championships
  • Free Sailing
  • In cooperation with Annapolis Community Boating and a consortium of local sailing groups, free sailing is being made available at the Sailing Center. Over 450 participants since April 19, 2009. Program will continue in 2010.
  • Programs for Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Public Schools
  • In cooperation with several youth organizations, the next generation of sailors is being introduced to the sport at the Sailing Center. 
  • Team Racing
  • Team Racing demonstrations are being staged at the Sailing Center.
  • SailBot Demonstrations
  • In cooperation with the U.S. Naval Academy Naval Architects and Systems Engineers, an annual demonstration of autonomous sailing craft at the Sailing Center.
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • In cooperation with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation distribution at the Sailing Center of information regarding Saving the Bay.
  • Partnership with Oyster Recovery Partnership established. Twenty oyster spat cages at the site. 
  • Class Rendezvous
  • Hosting class rendezvous at the Sailing Center.
  • B40 50th Anniversary, September 2, 2009 at the Sailing Center.
  • Annual St. John's College Sail
  • Annual St. John's College fall  sail from the Sailing Center.
  • Captain John Smith National Trail
  • Promotion at the Sailing Center of the historic water routes which traces the 1607-1609 Captain John Smith voyages to chart the land and waterways of the Chesapeake.
  • Captain John Smith shallop on display in 2010.
  • Capital Hill Regatta (In Planning)
  • A regatta involving present and former members of Congress, Congressional staff, Midshipman, regional sailors and junior sailors on U.S. Naval Academy boats.
  • Hall of Fame Regatta (In Planning)
  • Reestablishment the Hall of Fame Regatta.
  • Film Festival of the Sea (In Planning)
  • An outdoor summer Film Festival of the Sea screening classic movies at City Dock was held in September. Series being planned for July and August, 2010.
  • Outward Bound Spring Program (In Planning)
  • The Outward Bound Program is developing plans for a Spring Program at the Sailing Center. The Program was hosted in May 2009.
  • Susan Dierdorff Taylor, former Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year, is volunteer Director of the Sailing Center.


  • Curriculum
  • In partnership with Hudson River Community Sailing working on the dissemination of the math and physics curriculum based on sailing developed by HRCS for the New York City Public Schools.
  • Discussions underway with Anne Arundel County Public Schools on linking sailing to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program.
  • Design Software
  • A committe of naval architects from the U.S. Naval Academy and Farr Yacht design, as well as engineers from SAIC and Lockheed Martin are working on the development of software which would permit users to design, test and sail their own sailboat.



  • Sailing Resources Locator
  • Interactive U.S. Map of over 1,580 sailing programs state by state.
  • Film Library
  • A streamed collection of sailing films. Curated by Dan Walker.
  • Education
  • Links to U.S. Sailing, National Oceanic and Aeronautical Administration (NOAA), U.S. Naval Observatory, NASA and Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  • Information on the Gulf Stream and the Loop Current.
  • Galleries
  • Sailing in American Literature: Listing of sailing quotes from American writers such as Thoreau, Emerson, Twain, Barth, etc.
  • Photographic Exhibitions: Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Daniel Forester posted. Virtual exhibition of the photographs of Onne van der Waal to be posted July 2009.
  • Sailing in American Art: Virtual exhibition of sailing paintings from the National Gallery of Art. Curated by Wil Scott and Elizabeth Grazazioli. To be posted January 2010.
  • Sailing in American Music: Virtual streaming of sailing in American music. Curated by Kirby Scott. To be posted February 2010.
  • Celebrated American Sailors: Virtual exhibition of Americans such as Albert Einstein, John Kennedy, Alexander Graham Bell, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, George Patton, Walter Cronkite, John Smith, Errol Flynn, Jimmy Buffett and Franklin Roosevelt, among others. To be posted in 2010.
  • The New Yorker Sailing Covers Exhibit: Virtual exhibition of The New Yorker magazine covers featuring sailing themes from 1928 to present. To be posted April 2010. 
  • National Geographic Sailing Covers Exhibit: Virtual exhibition of National Geographic sailing covers. In planning phase. 
  • Sports Illustrated Sailing Covers Exhibit: Virtual exhibition of Sports Illustrated sailing covers. In planning phase. 
  • Book Reviews (In Planning)
  • A series of book reviews on former and recently published books on sailing.
  • Dan Walker is the Web-Master


  • YouTube
  • Site streams promotional film.
  • Facebook
  • Site launched.
  • Rob Morgan (Connecticut College '11) and Noah Robinson (Tabor Academy  '11) Network Managers.


  • Yacht Clubs are being invited to provide material for the NSHOF web-site. In development are streamed stories on the Annapolis Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Southern Yacht Club, San Diego Yacht Club and Grand Lake Yacht Club among others.
  • Traveling exhibitions of the sailing covers from The New Yorker, National Geographic and Sports Illustrated are being organized (would also include stops at the International Yacht Restoration School and Mystic Seaport).
  • Board Members George Hinman and John Beale are developing the effort.


  • A Community Council has been established to provide a structure for the NSHOF to hear from and communicate with the community.
  • The first meeting was held in September. The group will meet quarterly.


  • The Center is being established as an information hub, idea forum and testing lab where new developments in equipment design can be introduced, evaluated and tested.
  • The Steering Committee has been established and includes:
  • Lewis Peach (Convener), Former Director of Advanced Programs, NASA
  • Tony Gross; NASA Ames Research Center/American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • Jeff Hoffman,  MIT/Astronaut
  • Stan Honey, Team Origin
  • Bill Lasher, SC-2 Committee
  • Dave Newman, MIT/Circumnavigator
  • Pat Troutman, NASA Langley Research Center/Innovator
  • Britt Ward, Farr Yacht Design


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