March 18, 2019

Committee Info


  • Initially there may be a noticeable delay (several seconds to a minute, depending on your internet connection) to load previews of "All 2019 Nominees" as well as previews for each nomination category. After your first visit, these pages should load quickly.
  • There are a few ways to view the nominees:
    1. See all nominees with abbreviated bios:
      • Click on “All 2019 Nominee Bios” – to view the complete profile, once you see the photos and brief biographies, click on the blue button labeled “read more…” located under the person’s photo.
    2. See all nominees within each category:
      • Click on [category name} – 2019.
    3. See a simple list of nominees:
      • Located on the right side of the page, about midway down: “2019 quick List of Names”. Please note that these names are linked to the bios so you can click on a name to read about a person.
  • To create a “shortlist:"
    1. Open the full profile.
    2. On the right side of the page you will see the “My Shortlist” section. Click the button labeled “Add to my shortlist” and the person’s name will be saved as part of your list.  You can make this list as large or small as you like, adding and removing names as you continue through the selection process. Your shortlist is confidential and will not be viewed by anyone else.
  • This site may use cookies to store your selections in a "My Shortlist" panel. If you are prompted to allow the use of cookies, please click “allow”.


  • All nominee profiles are included on this website. Use the menu links to search and view profiles by nominating category.

  • The categories in which each candidate is nominated is shown (blue oval above photo) along with his or her profile.

  • A ranking spreadsheet will be sent via email to each member of the committee with your candidates listed. You may use this to rank and refine your rankings or you may simply provide your list to your subcommittee chair.


Click here for a printable PDF of these instructions.

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