Induction Class: Class of 2014

Henry Hill Anderson Jr.

June 2, 1921

“We must not waver from our determination to offer youth an alternative to our plastic world…”


Nathaniel Bowditch

March 26, 1773

“I will put down in the book nothing I can’t teach the crew.”

Carl Eichenlaub

Carl Martin Eichenlaub Jr.

July 6, 1930

“Winning sailboat races isn’t about boat handling, or tactics – you just need a faster boat.”

Olaf Harken

Olaf Theodore Harken

May 6, 1939

“When trying new stuff our rule is to ask, ‘if it all goes bad, can we survive?’ Then we go to the bar and forget what we just said and do it anyway!”

Peter Harken

Peter Oscar Harken

August 18, 1937

“I grew up in the Far East tropics, but my parents were Dutch and Swedish, so I had their DNA and took to winter sports.”

L. Francis Herreshoff

Lewis Francis Herreshoff

November 11, 1890

“If I can get you thinking with an open mind, my object will be accomplished.”

Jim Kilroy

Jim Beresford Kilroy Sr.

May 1, 1922

“My best memories of the Kialoa years are of the crew, what we accomplished together. They’ve all stayed in touch, forging friendships around the world.” Things to add links back to later: Video & Audio: “Jim Kilroy Induction into the 2014 National Sailing Hall of Fame and Acceptance” “Maximum Effort” – Clip from trailer from “Maximum Effort”, featuring soundbite of Jim Kilroy talking about Kialoa US-1 . SORC 1983 – Hour-long video on the 1983 SORC, in which Jim Kilroy is featured. 1982 Clipper Cup

George O'Day

George Dyer O’Day

May 19, 1923

“Stay on the wave as long as possible.”