Induction Class: Class of 2015

Steve Colgate

Stephen Colgate

June 25, 1935

“Every time I am on the water I learn something new.”

JJ Fetter

Jennifer Anne Fetter

December 1, 1963

“I was in the right place at the right time.”

Paul Foerster

Paul Jeffrey Foerster

November 19, 1963

“It was nice to finally go out on top.”

Jan Gougeon

Jan Clover Gougeon

August 7, 1945

“My interest in boats goes back a long way.

Meade Gougeon

Meade Alger Gougeon

September 25, 1938

“People started buying epoxy from us. I could see a need for the product.”

Sam Merrick

Samuel Vaughn Merrick

March 24, 1914

“Where’s Stuart?”