Induction Class: Class of 2016

Dave - Ullman - 2016 Hall of Famer

David Charles Ullman

January 6, 1946

“The goal on a boat is to surround yourself with people better than you.”

Edward Baird

May 17, 1958

“Try your hardest and enjoy what you’re doing.”

Thomas James Perkins

January 7, 1932

“If there is no risk, you have already missed the boat.”

Rod Johnstone - 2016 Hall of Famer

Rodney Stuart Johnstone

January 15, 1937

“Half the pleasure of owning any boat is looking at it.”

Electa Johnson - 2016 Hall of Famer

Harriet Electa Johnson

August 17, 1909

“The Magistrate is tall and strong, would be noticeable in any group, and is a born sailor. He has a rare sense of humor, but also a dignity and air of authority which have won him the respect of his people.” — By Electa Search Johnson, from “A Visit to Pitcairn, The Lonely Isle of Mutiny” — The New York Times , 6-24-1934.

Bob Johnstone - 2016 Hall of Famer

Robert LeGrand Johnstone III

March 8, 1934

“I’m blessed to pursue my passion as a business.”

Irving Johnson - 2016 Hall of Famer

Irving McClure Johnson

July 4, 1905

“Romance is a powerful disease.”

Bill Ficker - 2016 Hall of Famer

William Peter Ficker

December 12, 1927

“I believe we learn a lot if we listen.”

Malin Burnham - 2016 Hall of Famer

Malin Burnham

November 12, 1927

“I’ve always been student of something.”

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