Induction Class: Class of 2018

John Scott Biddle

June 7, 1925

“Like a fine wine, the America’s Cup summer was a very good year.”

Vincente d’Avila Melo  Brun

April 16, 1947

“I like crewing. It makes me a better skipper.”

George Stavros Coumantaros

June 23, 1922

“The real joy of racing is the passage and the people.”

William Ingraham Koch

May 3, 1940

“The America’s Cup is wonderful because it is a winner take all game.”

James Martinus Schoonmaker

June 10, 1933

“It is an honor to have competed in and served as a race official at the Olympic Games.”

William Henry Webb

June 19, 1816

“I have always had a desire to provide for young people who show an ability and anxiety to become useful.”