MARCH 2024


Please check back in the coming months as we announce the 2024 inductee class.

An Update from the Selection Committee March 2024

The Selection Committee is diligently reviewing nominations for the National Sailing Hall of Fame inductee class of 2024. This process, which has been faithfully stewarded by the late Sally Helme for more than a decade, now carries a sense of profound loss because of her unexpected passing. For more information on Sally, please visit our announcement in The Sailing Museum & National Sailing Hall of Fame news section. Simply put, Sally’s unwavering dedication and passion have left an indelible mark on our institution.

During this transition, we deeply appreciate your patience and unwavering support. We are pleased to announce the Selection Committee is now under the leadership of dedicated Sailing Museum & National Sailing Hall of Fame Board Member and long-time NSHOF Selection Committee member Spike Lobdell. The Selection Committee, along with its dedicated subcommittees, is committed to carrying forward Sally’s legacy. We recognize the void left by her vision and leadership, and we are determined to honor her memory by charting a fresh course that reflects our collective commitment to excellence. Rest assured, while we may have a fresh voice this cycle, the fundamental process and commitment to excellence remain unchanged. We acknowledge that any individual inquiries may experience a slight delay, but we assure you that we are diligently working to address each one if and when they arise. Our inductees and nominees should be proud of the legacy they represent, and we are honored to continue this tradition.

As we progress through the selection process, we will keep you informed with timely updates and announcements as practicable. Our general timeline is below for your reference. We extend heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees who have blazed trails on the water, inspiring generations to come. Together, we sail toward a future that celebrates the remarkable achievements of those who have shaped the world of sailing. 

We look forward to announcing the Class of 2024 in June.

Please mark your calendars for 2024 Induction weekend, October 4-5,  at the Chicago Yacht Club in Chicago, IL. 

Table sponsorships and ticket information will be available soon. 

We hope you’ll join us.


Hall of Fame

Induction Calendar

January 31

February 1 - March 10

March 20 - May 3

May 7 - May 9

May 11 - May 27

June 4

June 17

October 4 - October 5

Nominations for the 2024 Cycle Close 

Hall of Fame Nominating Committee Nominee Review

Sub-Committee Discussions 

Full Committee Discussions

NSHOF Board of Directors Finalist Review 

NSHOF Board of Directors Vote to Ratify the List of Candidates

National Sailing Hall of Fame Class of 2024 Announced 

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony & Reception (Chicago, IL)

If your sailing hero has already been nominated,

but you have new information for the Selection Committee to consider, please email

Nomination Categories

Nominees fall into the three categories. Nominees also fall into two eras, Modern and Historic. Historic nominees are those born 100 years or more before the year in which they are being considered (i.e. born in 1924 or earlier for consideration in 2024).


Recognizes achievements made on the water by a skipper or crew as a Sailboat Racer, Cruiser or Offshore Sailor.

Read full description here.


Recognizes those who have significantly contributed to the technical aspects of sailing. Examples include Designers, Boat Builders, Sail-makers, etc.

Read full description here.


Recognizes those who have made other significant contributions to the American sailing experience. Examples include Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Media (including authored works, TV, film, etc.), Artists, Musicians, Promoters and Organizers.

Read full description here.

The Hall of Fame Process

Election to the National Sailing Hall of Fame is determined by a Selection Committee, in a process outlined in the Hall of Fame By-Laws & Rules for Election.

1) A candidate is nominated through this site.

The Hall of Fame is neither a popularity contest nor a lottery, so a single nomination by one person will put that candidate up for consideration. All nominations are subject to review and acceptance, and not all nominations will be accepted.

2) NSHOF Staff & Selection Committee review candidate for eligibility requirements.

Candidates must be at least 55 years old (or in the case of passing before 55, 5 years posthumously), and have made a significant and sustained impact on sailing at a national level. While the majority of nominees are US Citizens, foreign nationals may be nominated if their work has contributed significantly to the development of the sport in the USA. Candidates may be Modern (living or deceased) or Historic (born 100 years or earlier from year of consideration). Nominees will have demonstrated sportsmanship both on and off the water and will have conducted themselves and their business dealings with integrity, their character being above reproach.

3) Verification and research by NSHOF staff to create a public profile for candidate.

Qualified candidates will appear on the list of Nominees. Please note, candidates are reviewed quarterly, but new nominees may not appear on the website until after nominations close for that cycle.

4) In April, the Selection Committee convenes to review the merits of
the nominees and vote.

From among all eligible nominees (all years), each Sub-Committee (Sailing, Technical & Contributor) presents their category recommendations to the full Committee for review and discussion. Committee members then vote on all nominees, and candidates are determined in accordance with the scoring system outlined in the By-Laws. The Selection Committee presents their list of candidates to the Board of Directors for ratification.

5) Early Summer, the next class of inductees to the Hall of Fame
are announced.

The Inductees to the National Sailing Hall of Fame are announced! All nominees not selected are carried over for consideration in the next year's selection process for a period of 5 years, at which time their nomination is reviewed by the committee. If a nominee is not carried forward, they may be renominated through the same process as new nominees.

6) Hall of Fame Induction

Inductees are honored at a Fall ceremony and reception.

Who is on the Selection Committee?

The Selection Committee is comprised of men and women who are national representatives from the National Sailing Hall of Fame Board of Directors, U.S. Sailing, Hall of Fame Inductees, NSHOF Founding Member Yacht Clubs, the media, the sailing industry, sailing museums, community sailing and exploration/cruising. These representatives are highly knowledgeable about the sport, its history and personalities. The Selection Committee is carefully vetted annually and ratified by the Board of Directors. Members of the Selection Committee may serve up to (2) three-year terms, and all members are required to adhere to established criteria outlined in the By-Laws & Rules for Election.