September 12, 2012

NSHOF Receives Grant for Elementary School Science Initiative

Annapolis, MD - The Eastport Yacht Club Foundation (EYCF) has given NSHOF a grant to develop and pilot an Elementary School "In-School" Science Field Trip Program. The Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM program has added their support to this initiative.

This coming Spring, the program will pilot in three local elementary schools, delivering hands-on science connecting the Chesapeake Bay and Sailing/Boating. It will include teacher activities to enable eduators to continue these science lessons in their classrooms.

The grant will also facilitate a late Spring on-the-water experience for select students who participate in the "In-School" Science Field Trip.

Following the pilot, EYCF and NSHOF will make the curriculum and project plan from this initiative available to Consortium participants, designed so that it can be easily replicated in your area.

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