February 7, 2013

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The Savage Way:
Successfully Navigating the Waves of Business and Life

by Frank Savage
CEO of Savage Holdings LLC and Member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame Honorary Advisory Board

(Wiley; November 2012)

Signed by the Author
With Foreword by Bill Cosby

Growing up in working-class Washington, D.C. in the 1940s and 1950s, Frank Savage never wanted for confidence. His mother, a hairdresser and entrepreneur known as Madame La Savage, made sure her only son realized that the whole world and all its opportunities were open to him. She’d say, “Frank, Jr., you can be anything you want to be.”

She never dreamed that her only son, who had never sailed anything larger than a paper boat as a boy, would become a confident, world-class sailboat racer. First, Frank would become an international businessman and financier, raising billions of dollars, jetting through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Along the way, as husband and father of six, Frank discovered his love for a sport that calls on the best of him, just like business, to succeed with grace, honor and integrity.

Gary Jobson: An American Story

Gary Jobson: An American Sailing Story

by Gary Jobson
2011 Hall of Famer and NSHOF Board Member
With Cynthia Goss

Signed by the Author

For Gary Jobson—the three-time All American sailor, America’s Cup winner, Fastnet Race winner, and ESPN sailing commentator since 1985—sailing is life. In 2003, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, and here he relays the tumultuous diagnosis and treatments endured before the cancer went into remission. Through remission he remembers how his life has intertwined with some of the greatest sailors, how the sport has changed since his childhood, how the public view of sailing went through a revolutionary change with the advent of ESPN, how sailing can create lasting bonds of friendship that endure, and how sailing offers everything from the highest of adventures to the simplest of pleasures. This uplifting memoir also includes a foreword by Ted Turner.

The Code of Competition

by Stuart H. Walker
Illustrated by Thomas C. Price

Signed by the Author

The premise of Stuart Walker's new book The Code of Competition is that competitors - all competitors - are compliant with an inherited, altruistic Code and, as a consequence, regularly act in opposition to their conscious interests. It draws evidence from anthropology, history and philosophy as well as the author's personal experience to support this thesis.

Compliance with the Code creates the camaraderie, the pleasant ambience, the good fellowship that causes sport to be so attractive to so many. It accounts for the willingness of one competitor to assist another in his acquisition of competence, for the distress a competitor feels when his opponent is adversely affected, for the universal support of the underdog and for everyone’s admiration - and resentment - of the winner.

But it also causes competitors to accept being controlled, to acquiesce in being beaten, to restrain their aggressiveness and to be embarrassed by winning. It promotes the belief that deservedness should determine results, that pre-existing rankings should be accepted, that success should engender guilt and that the more aggressive should dominate.

The book is both a revelation of the author's love for his sport and an incisive expose' of the fears, resentments and irrational drives that motivate his competitors and that account for their pecking orders, choking, belief in momentum, feelings of pressure and acceptance of losing.

The wide applicability of these assertions is demonstrated by anecdotes from the author's personal experience as a racing sailor as well as by anecdotes concerning golfers, tennis players, runners and other amateur and professional athletes.

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