Navigation – Lesson 7

US Navy using navigation skills

Topic: Navigation Plotting Worksheets

This lesson is a student work session that allows students to apply all the skills they have developed from the previous lessons.

Working in groups around a chart, they will solve a series of problems.  For the example provided, we use the 12283 Annapolis Harbor Chart, but you can use any local navigation chart to allow the students to learn and experience the waters in your local area.”

Teacher Resources:

Nav Plotting Worksheet – Questions (PDF)

Nav Plotting Worksheet – Answers (PDF)

Link to Online zoomable NOAA Chart 12283 – Annapolis Harbor

Downloadable link to NOAA Chart 12283 – Annapolis Harbor (PDF)

Note: Since this is a student workgroup session, there is no formal lesson plan or Powerpoint for Lesson 7.

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