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Presenting: Sailing Covers from The New YorkerAmerica was shaped by explorers who raced to get here, men-of-war ships that raced to defend her, clipper ships that raced to move their products to port, and watermen who raced to get their catch to market. Sailing has been inextricably linked to the American Experience. These Sailing Covers from The New Yorker are a reflection of that rich history.

This exhibition features works by several artists: Perry Barlow, Abe Birnbaum, William Cotton, Susan Davis, Jacques de Loustal, Victor De Pauw, Edna Eicke, Arthur Getz, Heidi Goennel, Albert Hubbell, and Rea Irvin (who drew the cover art for the very first New Yorker issue, a dandy caricature who became known as the iconic Eustace Tilley). Additional artists include: Ilonka Karasz, Bob Knox, Arnie Levin, Charles E. Martin, Bruce McCall, Eugène Mihaesco, Garrett Price, John O'Brien, Gretchen Dow Simpson, James Stevenson and William Steig.


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Thank you to Chuck Townsend, NSHOF Board Member & Chairman of Condé Nast, and Becky Mickel, Special Projects and Licensing Manager, Art & Archive Development at Condé Nast.

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