The Hooligan Navy (The Corsair Fleet)

This rare documentary originally aired as part of the "Sea Tales" series on A&E. It tells a little-known story about a band of young yachtsmen and fishermen who were recruited during World War II to help protect the United States' East coast from Hitler's deadly fleet of Nazi U-Boats.

The sailors were sent out to find and confront the U-Boats equipped only with antique machine guns mounted on wooden recreational sailboats that were put into service so quickly the grey paint was still wet when they left the docks.

Length: About 47 minutes.

Bonus - Read and download Dennis L. Noble's "The Beach Patrol and Corsair Fleet"

A compelling 23-page historical accounting from the United States Coast Guards "The U.S Coast Guard in WWII."

Click here to open or download a PDF of "The Beach Patrol and Corsair Fleet" (3.3MB file)


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