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Sultana - photo credit Michael WootonLOA: 97' Length on Deck: 51' 3"
Class/Type: Topsail Schooner
Builder: John Swain Boatbuilders, LLC
Designer: Original design may be from Benjamin Hallowell, a renowned Boston Shipwright, in 1768
Launch Date: 2001
Skipper: Tanya Banks-Christiansen, Captain

SULTANA is a replica of a Boston-built Marblehead schooner, a merchant vessel that served from 1768 - 1772 as the smallest schooner ever to serve in the British Royal Navy. The original HMS SULTANA patrolled the American coast to prevent smuggling and collect duties.

Recreated in meticulous detail using British Admiralty documentation of the original SULTANA, she now serves as the "Schoolship of the Chesapeake," providing unique educational programs that engage more than 5,000 students each year.

SULTANA often visits NSHOF to assist in our educational programs, including our Learning Math & Science through Sailing programs.

SchoonerSchooling from Sultana Education Foundation on Vimeo.

Click here to visit the Sultana Projects website.

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